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Power Cable Manufacturer

Power cable is one the leading cables in current market as they are popular for accurate signal transmission. These cables are incorporated with PVC insulation for better thickness to prevent them from chemical, electrical and other acidic attacks. Power cable manufacturers always focus on the customer’s satisfaction; they always take care of the quality of raw material used for designing the finished goods and supply them in reasonable price. The main motto of the cable manufacturers is to fulfill the needs of their customers at best and affordable prices. These cables are used for high voltage transmission at high as well as low bandwidth. Power cables are mainly designed for cabling in buildings and house. These cables contain two or more electrical conductor which are twisted together to transmit electrical power transmission. They contain copper wire for flexibility and used in various industries for signal transmission. They are mainly used for bulk signal transmission in telecommunication and telephone industries as they contain stress and chemical corrosion resistance, power cables are light weight cables and used to block electromagnetic interferences and fluctuations while signal transmission. These cables are made up of best quality polyethylene and insulated with PVC insulation their inner sheath is wrapped with PVC/LD tape and outer sheath is wrapped with special ST1 and ST2 cables. Their hygroscopic insulation helps them to stay protected from rust and provide them full protection from chemical and electrical attacks. They are used for various other applications such as: • Chemical industries • Telecommunication industries • Telephone industries • Hospitals • Oil and gas plants • Other engineering industries Power cables contain various advantages: • They are easy and safe to install • Long life • Their installation is very low in comparison with other cables • Power cables are popular for accurate signal transmission at high as well as low bandwidth • They are incorporated with copper wire which gives them more flexibility • High chemical and corrosion resistance • They can be installed easily even in worst climatic conditions • Simply structured • Durable These cables are available in wide range which is used for different applications according to the voltage requirements. There are two similar categories of power cables type G and type GC used for ground cabling for high voltage supply. Type W and multi-conductor power cable are mainly used for large industries as they are able to carry more amperes current transmission because of their thick insulation jacket made of neoprene. This jacket helps them to block unwanted interferences in current transmission. Power cable manufacturer are one of the leading cable manufacturers exist in market as they focus on customers satisfaction. Their main motto is to satisfy their customers by supplying them best quality good at reasonable prices. These cables are easy and safe to be installed and provide accurate current transmission.

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Piwania Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2006 with the vision of providing efficient and cost efficient solutions to its customers. With constant focus on creative solutions and innovative products, our team assists each of our clients in a personalized manner, so as to transform our client s business aspirations into a affluent online reality.