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Overall Screened Cables: used to transmit digital/analog

Overall screened cables are basically designed to be implemented in electronics industries.

These cables are used for both digital and analog signal transmission as they are incorporated with copper insulation to provide them flexibility.These cables can be used for both indoor and outdoor cabling any they also contain advantage of surviving in any kind of environment. These cables are widely used in various different types of industries for accurate signal transmission without any fluctuations and electromagnetic interferences. Overall screened cables are incorporated with bare copper conductor which is a standard IEC 60228. They are mainly available in four colors such as: black, white, red and orange.


Overall screened cable contains three insulated wires which are twisted together to increase the durability of cable. These wires are also known as communication wires as they are widely used in telecom industries they are screened with aluminum and polyester tape. Applications of these cables include a wide range such as:

·         Interconnection of  switching system equipments

·         Process control systems

·         Chemical and fertilizers industries

·         Telecom industries

·         Oil plants

·         Petrochemical plants

·         Power generation and distribution

·         Automation industries

·         Data communication systems

·         Various other engineering industries


These cables are popular because of their premium quality as they are designed with best quality raw material according to the current market demands. These cables are low smoke less halogen cables which are required in all telecom industries to transmit accurate signals at high as well as low bandwidth. These cables are used to transmit digital signals with 100% guarantee of clarity in images and other videos.



·         Use to transmit better picture quality with high quality resolution to a wider range in minimum time and price

·         They provide excellent signal integrity and block every type of electromagnetic interference and fluctuations during the signal transmission

·         Provide more flexibility and very easy to be implemented anywhere

·         Overall screened cables avoid compression as it leads to degrade the quality of pixels of images and videos.

·         These cables contain quality to be implemented even in worst climatic conditions




·         The main drawback these cables include is switching delays, sum times the transmission of signals delays due to any kind of problem such as climatic changes can cause delay in signal transmission through which error can take place in data or information.

·         These cables are more expensive in comparison with other cables.

·         As these cables are used to transmit signals at multi channels, which leads to degrade the quality of images and videos.



Overall screened cables are used to transmit both analog and digital signals. Implementation of these signals is easy and safe as they are incorporated with double shielding.

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