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Outlook of good selling

Yes,it’s the fact that ideal selling requires that we understand the product very well and work excellent so as to appreciate the customer  requirement.But before and beyond all those stuff,the top secret of a good salesperson is about what goes on inside their head.Above all,we say selling is an attitude.Its how we think and feel. It’s about our whole approach to yourself,your company,and our products and,of course, our customers.All of this can be condensed to three words that are confidence,pride and care.

If we discuss about confidence then we may say that the basis of all successful selling is confidence.But it doesn’t mean that we should blindly hope.It’s all about how we think about ourselves and about the future. Under confidence if we talk about self belief then this is the fact that a confident person should believes in themselves and their abilities to sell.In order to create trust,the first thing that what we sell is ourselves.At the same time self belief does not guarantee a sale as it often increases the prospect of success. If we are going for selling and we do not believe in ourselves then we are ruined to failure. If we do not believe in ourselves then the customer will not believe us and neither will they believe what we say. Our doubt will become their doubt and doubt does not lead to the sale.Well,blind belief is not always a good thing and thus we should be positive because we have studied the product and the customer is greater reason to be confident.Belief and optimism provide powerful support but they do not replace factual knowledge.If we are ready to sell,with good information at our fingertips,them we have good reason to be optimistic.Even if we do not have complete information,a tendency to optimism also helps to create a positive attitude. Finally, self-belief and an optimistic approach lead to a can-do attitude which means we will get out there and create the sale through our thoughts and actions.Belief is not enough: we have got to put in the work too.

Next selling attitude is pride which has two forms.As one of the seven deadly sins, it can be a very selfish thing.But pride placed outside ourselves is an important attitude which communicates and transmits itself to our customers.It’s very essential to have pride in the company. Firstly,we should be proud to work at our company. Associating ourselves with the brand and the brand values should make us feel good. We should be happy to tell others where we work. Secondly, we should be proud of what we are selling.Just thinking that we have the privilege of selling such a fine product should make us very happy indeed.As with pride in the company,a natural pride in the product is a powerful motivator,both for us and for our customer.

Finally,a selling attitude is a caring attitude.Rather than just dump products on customers,if we want them to ever come back again,we should care about them and their problems,and hence be proud of how our products will help.Complete care for customers can include taking time out from the normal selling context to check up on them, that the product is working fine and that they are happy with it.When others know that we care about them,personally,then they will be far more willing to trust us and trust is the first doorway towards selling.

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parveen kumar

Yes,it is the fact that ideal selling requires that we understand the product very well and work excellent so as to appreciate the customer requirement.