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Next government will reverse FDI decision: AIADMK

On date 7 December, in New Delhi AIADMK gave a quiet affirmation to antipode the decision to allow foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail after the next Lok Sabha elections.

AIADMK leader V. Maitreyan, who displaced the motion for an agitation on FDI in the Rajya Sabha, said that final vote will be cast by the people in the next election. They give complete assurance that after the next Lok Sabha elections, the coming government will converse the decision of the UPA, and he also said that I stand by this guarantee that FDI will only be on paper and will not be execute in states.

He added that from now forward we will see that the debate goes on across the length and breadth of the country and in next Lok Sabha elections the final vote will be cast by the people. Slamming the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), the AIADMK leader said it was amenable to delight foreign retailers and did not care about public and national interests.

Maitreyan assert that FDI in retail would not deliver organized markets, conveyance and storage to farmers to help them get tolerable prices for their produce and won t save the consumers from being oppressed. He also questioned the intent of members who voted for FDI.

They said that great pluralities of the members are against to FDI but it is unlucky that voting is not on the merits of the issue but other contemplation.

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