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Networking cables and Networking cables have a very important role in our life to connect and make u

Networking cables have a very important role in our life. It connects people and make able to share our views, thoughts and feelings. To establish any kind of network either it is a communication network or business network, at first these cables are required. These cables are manufactured by keeping in mind the necessary features which are required for the proper transmission of communication and electrical signals. Merely these wires are used in the computer network establishment or computer network installations. Typically these cables are divided into two parts or can say categories too. These categories are namely are


Guided cables or guided media and second one are

Unguided cables or unguided media      


Another and basic series of cables are twisted pair cables. These wires work to transmit the low voltage current from one electrical device to another devices. It is a very common cable which usually used with our household appliances like tube lights, bulbs, sealing fans etc. These cables are categorized into two categories shielded twisted pair and second one is unshielded twisted pairs. Accordingly, the short or abbreviated forms of these categorized wires are STP cables and UTP cables. Unshielded cable has considered more secure and reliable cables for the transmission of electrical signals. Unshielded cables are also good for electricity transmission but these wires are less reliable and durable in case of characters tics.

Unshielded cables are typically used for the LAN settings and LAN installments. These wires are more powerful in features and security of data transmission than fiber optical cables and coaxial cables, But with this these wires are less expensive too. The main impressing feature of these wires is that it is very easy to work with the wire like unshielded twisted pair cables.


Low smoke cables or halogen free cables or free from halogen gases cable are used to make environment pollution free. These wires fall in the category of eco friendly wires because it emits less piousness and harmful gases which leads to remain safe our ozone layer. The feature of halogen free has been built in the manufacturing process of the jackets or insulation of these4 cables. The wrapping of these wires has composed of the thermoplastic material which leads to emit less harmful gases. These wires are manufactured as it could be survive or release fewer gases in very high temperature conditions. These cables are required at the places like high numbered buildings, poorly ventilated areas, more populated areas like railways coaches, airports etc.


Most of the people think that fire retardant and fire resistant cables perform same work, but it’s not a reality. Fire rated telephone cables continuous work in the fire conditions and helpful to maintain the circuit integrity. If we talk about the fire retardant cables, these cables help to propagate the fire ahead. These all fire rated cables, fire retardant cables, low smoke cables are very important for the security purpose. We should keep special attention for the security from fire accidents. We must install these wires at the time of construction of high floor buildings and office kind of places. 

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