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Minakari Handicrafts Are The Main Demand All Over The World Of Ar

Minakari handicrafts are one of the main choice of the of art loving people. These kind of art can be occur on hangings, vessels, clothes, walls, key stands, flower pots, jewellery box etc. It is not only took place in homes but also in our minds too. These handicrafts are in being used from last decades in our culture.

India is a very rich country for their values, culture, unique art, handicraft work and for so many qualities. As India is famous for their different climates same as it has contained different variety of hand arts. These arts are very difficult to create and consume lot of time of manufacturers. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal, Kerala are some of the famous states for their culture and art. There are some arts which are very much famous all over the world. From Gujarat Needle work, patola work, jari work, from south Silk work, kanjivaram work, from Rajasthan elephant tooth work, from Punjab its hospitality style and lassi show unity in diversity of India. Every state, even every city comprises unique and beautiful qualities. Its ghagra Choli, Bandhej and jewellery work are in demand all over the world. Gujarat’s sweets, Chennai’s idle shabhar and Dosa, Delhi tikki chat, Rajasthan momentum show and Punjab’s lassi do not have any comparison among all over the world.

Minakari handcrafts are used in designing of the flower pots and to decorate the homes and offices. This kind of handicraft could be used as gift purpose also. This kind of art is used all over the world and first choice of art loving people. It has designed by using very vibrant colors like red yellow, green, blue, red, violet, purple and so on. The some are very famous used items of this art are listed below.

  • Frames

  • Tea coasters

  • Key ring boards

  • Wall hangings

  • Ash trays

  • Temples

  • Book rest

  • Decorative Thali for Puja

  • Frames and jewellery box


Frames are used to put photographs and sceneries and it works as a frame work and provide long lasting life to these pictures and sceneries. Tea coasters are used to serve the tea and to put cups on it. Key ring boards are used to store or hang the keys or key rings. Book rests are used to put a book comfortably to read. Decorative Puja thali and jewellery boxes become more beautiful and attractive. These are used to gift someone and female can also use it herself. To design these art mostly peacock, lotus, roses, deer, elephant, leaves, flowers, etc were used. These jewellery boxes are used to keep precious ornaments and gold coins.

Minakari handicrafts are the part of our Indian history art collection. Our Ajanta caves art the first example of our creativity and talented artists or statue makers. After this, like flood of talented people has been started. Rock art, sculpture art, bronze or sculpture art, tribal art, miniature art, folk art, contemtrary art have been introduced and touched the peak of success.

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