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Low smoke cable is a new generation and safety purpose cable

Cables are not limited to communication and electricity transmission. The cable world has been exposed very far. Cables have become the important medium of so many applications. Cables have gone beyond the twisted pair cables, even it has reached to the fire rated cable, fire alarm cables and so on. Now a day these wires are used in aeronautical science, computer technology, network installations and so many more applications. It was very necessary to categories these wires in well mannered way for instant reorganization. There all wires were divided on the basis of its characters tics, physical properties, color, material composition etc.

Institute of Electricals and Electronics standard association had launched the list of name of these wires. These associations have the full authority to made different rule and regulations or protocols for these wires. This categorization were proof very helpful in the reorganization of these wires. Actually there are lot of wires are available in the industry. It was not possible to remember all the wires and their related use. So, scientist and cable engineers were decided to do proper, understandable as well as recognizable categorization of these wires. So it was decided to divide these cables in guided and unguided media. Guided media used cables for the transmission of these wires where as unguided media were used to transmit data or electrical signals through wireless medium.

Twisted pair cables are the crossed pair wires in two different recognizable colors. These wires are crossed to each other to reduce the interference at the time of communication and electrical signals transmissions. Actually when signal transmits from source to destination, it has to cover so many interferences and obstacles. This external interference creates interruption in proper and high quality signal transmission. And one other fact related to thee wires is that these cables are very sensitive cables due to low quality and single insulation. When signals start to transmit,

  • It must be equal
  • The signals must be in opposite signal to each other
  • At the destination, the both wire signals must be equal. Otherwise

It detects the differential mode of data transmission. Apart from this, Ethernet cable used these cables for the computer networks on physical layer.

Low smoke cable is a new generation and safety purpose cable. If you ever face the problem or condition of fire accident in buildings, malls, shopping place etc. Actually at the places like these example, people mostly died due to the smoke and piousness gases instead of fire. Usually people trapped in rooms and high floor buildings. They became unable to run and make them safe due to these piousness gases and smoke. These low smoke cables are consisting of halogens free material and gases; with this these wires are usually high temperature resistance wires. As a result these wires are eco friendly cables and emit less even can say zero percent smoke and piousness gases. It is very necessary to increase the use of these kind of wires for the well fare of our environment.

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