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Lot of Variety Electrical Cables Was Manufactured Too

Network connectivity refers to the communication medium through which we can share our thoughts, views, ideas etc. The medium can be letters, emails, phone calls, online chats, video callings etc. In earlier days people were used letters and papers wrapped in envelops. As time to time new technologies has introduced, the ways of communication also changed and can say enhanced. When wired technology was introduced, lot of variety of electrical cables was manufactured too.

Different cables were manufactured for the different purposes. Twisted cables were used to connect home appliances. This cable used to transmit low voltage current from one place to another place. Networking cables is a very wide field with various kinds of applications. Cables are not only limited to the communication world but these are widespread till many other kind of applications too. We use these wires in communication, electricity supply, computer networks installments, railways, metro, land line phones and so many more applications. Cables are usually a cooper wire insulated with the electricity resistance material. Copper is using from last so many years. High level electricity and conductivity is the main reason behind using cooper as core conductor. Apart from the copper other materials like aluminum, silver etc were also used in manufacturing.


The cable industry of India is one of the major industries in cable manufacturing. There is a problem in our system so that after the lot of efforts we are not getting our actual place. The first and most important thing is the uncertain cable manufacturing companies. These companies sell their products ay very low cost which leads in equivocal market. Most of the manufacturers of cables work at low level. They used cheap quality products in the manufacturing; even we can not make sure our self for their products. Some of the times these unreliable cables become the reason of electric shocks, fire accidents etc. High quality cables are also high in the prices. So the normal or low level population of India can not be able to afford it. Indian sellers have to face many financial difficulties from manufacturing to delivering process while in other countries people face less difficulties. Our cable industry has divided into very small parts. Fragmentation is one of the main reason of decreasing the growth rate of cable industry.


Fire rated telephone cable play very important part in the cable world. A lot of different cables are available for various purposes. Fire rated telephone cables are very useful cables. It has launched for the communication safety premises. Telephone cables are used for the communication or to transfer data signals from one place to another place. Fire rated cables are used to stop the propagation of the fire. Actually these wires have been designed for safety purposes. When these wires were designed, there were lot of premises were kept in the mind such as fire accidents, communication interruption etc.  Copper control cables are instrumentation cables which are used for the automation process. These wires control and measure this these automation process..

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