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Innonvative PCB Manufacturer


Sunthone Technology Circuit Co. Limited


Sunthone is a professional PCB supplier,manufacturing quick turn PCB prototypes, samples, and low volume orders with great advantages on lead time and prices.


Sunthone populates and produces one panel with many different PCB orders-so that the tooling costs of this panel can be shared between the various PCB customers. In this way, Sunthone gives rise to a huge reduction in the costs normally associated with prototype and sample manufacturing.

With excellent performance on quality and lead time, Sunthone can be your best partner, either you are a factory or trader from east or west.

Established in 2006, Sunthone expands the plant area to 6,000㎡ and facility capacity to 15,000㎡ PCB boards per month.

The company products are widely applied in many areas, such as Industrial Control, Security System, Medical Facilities, Military Products, Power Supply, Computers and Communications.


The company focuses on major markets including Domestic Market, America, Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

The company’s innovative management system, advanced facilities and top grade raw materials lead to the high-quality PCB boards.

Sunthone aims to be the leading PCB manufacturer, and provide quality PCB products for electronic industry.

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Professional PCB vendor, with advantages on LEAD TIME, QUALITY and PRICE.