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Influence of telephone cables in the communication network

Telecommunication cables are properly used to deliver audio and video signals at highest bandwidth. These types of cables are coated with compact copper jacket to make them more powerful and help them in blocking unwanted interferences and crosstalk. These cables are basically used for delivering high speed signal transmission at high as well as low temperature.  They are widely used in distinct industries such as: telephone, TV and radio signal transmission and accessible in different colors. Advantages of these cables are:

·         These cables are unaffected by any kind of interferences.

·         These wires are malleable and avail in broadcasting more accurate signals.

·         These cables are inexpensive because its installation cost is low.

·         These cables are limited flammable and used to deliver light signals at highest bandwidth.


These cables are essentially adopted for high voltage signal transportation. These cables are also used for digital audio and video signal communication, so they are safe and secure to use. Our company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of telecommunication cables.

The most common cables which are used during telephone communication are as fiber optic cables, unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair and coaxial cable. Fiber optic cables are easily installed and abolished; it is able to dispatch information within adequate loss parameters at distances up to two kilometers without amplification. Various kinds of cables are used during the manufacturing of telephone depends upon the type of operation. In the market various companies are providing best quality of cables which is used for proper communication of one telephone to other telephone. These cables are so important during the communication network. We are the chief fabricator and supplier of telephone cables all around the country.

The three diverse cables which are popular shielded cable are as fiber optical cables, building wire and coaxial cable. Fiber optic cable is a type of shielded wire which is prepared from a numeral of optical fibers. Every fiber has its own covering of plastic in a numeral of layers. This acts as a defense for the fiber. Building wire is the kind of commercial cable, which is used to create a variety of property from industrial and marketable to housing. This is a type of electrical power shielded cable, which contains an inner conductor that is used by an insulting layer which is itself then covered by a conduct shield. Our company also delivers best quality of shielded wires to their clients and customers.

In the modern time there are various companies are dealing with the fabrication of best quality of power cables in India. The chief conductor power cables are of two types like welding cable and DLO cable. Welding cable is the divulge copper insulated with a rubber jacket. Many companies are doing polite work in this area. These types of companies manufacture different kinds of electric wires, connecters, power cords, and battery chargers and so on. Example of Indian company Relemac Technologies Pvt. Ltd justify that how well India participate between the competition of Power Cable Manufacturers company.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.