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Influence of PTFE heater wires in domestic application

FRLS wires are perfect for use in thickly populated areas also these types of wires is very common in residential houses because of the products durability and flexibility. More than this the cables have become the modern desire in flats and apartments as in the world of globalization.  The causes of eminence of fire have become prominent in the present time so the availability of FRLS Domestic Cables has become the prime requirement of today s world.


  • Standard : IS 694( Under Consideration
  • Sizes : 0.5 to
  • Conductor : Bare annealed tinned copper
  • Insulation : Double layer insulation FRLS grade PVC

FRLS cable delivers very low smoke, dangerous gases and also retards the spread of gas. It is consequently perfect for covered and medium wiring in multi-storied architecture such as restaurants, reservoir, sanatorium, commercial & residential complexes, etc. These wires can also be applied in UPS, Invertors, Battery, Control panels and all areas where safety is a major concern. We are the chief fabricator and supplier of FRLS domestic cables in Delhi, India.


Single core wires are lay in trefoil configuration  because voltages are induce in the cover of cables successively in parallel which result in circulate current graceful in the sheaths. The detachment between single core wires running in parallel which decides the voltages encourage. With solitary core cable in trefoil configuration (touching each other) the distance amid the cables are least amount and thus the voltages induce are minimized and therefore the circulate currents established. These flow currents also contained some heat. The chief characteristics of single core cables are as:

  • Poly Flex  variety PVC insulated wire unsheathed with brilliant annealed simple copper performer bunch and/or trapped.
  •  High-quality flexibility.
  •  Voltage up to & counting 1100 volts.


Single Core wires are unsheathed and luminous annealed simple copper conductors that are obtainable in bunched or trapped appearance. These have high-quality litheness and can endure voltage up to 1100V. Developed in devotion to grade IS-694/90, these are sole in core and are applied to transmit low voltage signals, electric motors etc.  Screening is very necessary for the wires to resist increased current and high voltage. For this single core wires are laid in complex and symmetry position .This helps to inspiring voltage to minimize itself in the shielding. 

Single core wires are manufactured by exclusive piece of wire like aluminum and copper is adopted for the purpose of cording. In these cables some bonding procedure are adopted such that solidly bonded system, specially bonded system, individual point system, cross bonding system and split single point system etc. These wires are primarily adopted for high ambient wiring panels and high temperatures. We also deal with single core cables.

PTFE insulated wires are mostly used for internal wiring of miscellaneous electrical equipment. PTFE wires have high mechanical and electrical properties so it is used in many electrical applications. PTFE wires have long electrical stability so it is used in manufacturing of gears, slide plates and pyrotechnic compositions. This is the reason that these wires are mostly used in heaters. Relemacindia is one of the dominant PTFE heater wires manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi.

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