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Indian festival list

 In India, people celebrate various types of festivals. Commonly Indian festival list shows various cultures and traditions of our mother land. In here, various parts of country celebrate their festivals according to their religion and caste throughout the whole year. But there is an incidence in all celebration that every one dedicates humankind. Some ordinary tradition which supersede in all most all the festivals are beautification of homes and holy places, folk song and dance consummation. Religious festivals have intricate prayers followed by some other ceremonial relying on the region. The celebration and festivals of Indian festival list has their own fiction and singleness. There are huge kinds of festivals celebrated in India as national, regional, seasonal, local and religious.

India is basically an agricultural country and to celebrate autumn the Indians have many festivals, be it Pongal in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu, Sankranti in Uttar Pradesh or Lohri in Punjab, West Bengal, and Bihar or Onam in Kerala. The spring juncture is considerable by other important Hindu festival Holi, which is also known as Vasant Panchami in most of the region of the country. The festivals of India are best way to bring color in the life.

Here is a list of the prime Indian festival list as:


It is the biggest festival of our country and also known as the festival of light. In this festival people make light all around their house with various diyas and candles. This festival is affiliated with distinct fireworks which are very great things to watch. This festival never ends without interchange of gift and gift is interchange between all near and dear one.


Other Indian festival list contains important festival holi which is also called as festival of colors. In this festival all people mix up and put colors to each other. This festival brings the social harmony and breaks all kinds of social barriers between the people.


This is most important festival which occurs two times in a year.  One is Id - ul - Fitr which introduce the end of long fasts of Ramjan. Other id is bakri id which coincides with annual Haj.


This is other Indian festival list which is celebrates in India with great enthusiasm and excitement commonly in the cosmopolitan cities. Other than decorating trees, palm pudding and yule logs, cake and wine people organize mid night Mass also.

The Indian festival list is endless. Other festivals, which are also celebrated in India, are as Navaratri, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Pongal, Lohri, Raksha Bandhan and many more.




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 Maha Shivaratri, which occurs in February/March, is the leading Hindu festivals, commonly to those who are aficionado of Shiva. In this important day Shivas wife Parvati is said to have prayed for her husband and requisitioned that he be protected from evil. Whereas both men and women celebrate the festival, it is specifically embraced by Hindu women. Married women pray for their husbands and sons, while single women beseech that they receive a husband with affection like Shiva, apotheosize as the ideal husband