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Improving Communication with Managers

 It is well known fact that employees are the backbone of any organization. Hence in order to achieve goal of organization and success in the market it is very important to lead the employees and manage them efficiently. The success of the company and its employees commonly rely upon good relationship and communication among the employees and their managers. In modern business scenario, good communication among the boss and the employee has become more cardinal, because of arriving creative technologies and skittish workplace trends. Improving Communication is inalienable equipment for both employees and managers to develop an open and transparent communication culture in workplace.


In comparison to western country improving communication level in India is very week. There are various reasons behind this but one particular reason is our education system which lays more stress on academics rather than communication. Improving communication in a large organization is often a cardinal factor. It can be difficult at the best of times to ensure your employees understand the messages filtering down from upper management; however there are a number of advantageous strategies that can be adopted to assist this process. Communication is a chief part of managing. As a manager there will be conditions where you will have to communicate a new policy or process, times where you will have to perceive issues that are influencing on the delivery of results or poor histrionics, present a report or business case to protect supplementary resources to name just a few.

Common reason that why employees not communicating with their managers.

There are following reason behind this as:

Some time employees are frightened that the managers would ask some questions about their work progress, and if they could not answer to those questions, they might leave a bad influence to the manager and get disgraced between their collaborators. Employees give less consideration to the communication, because they are always busy in time pressures to complete their projects. As improving communication is abstract, does not have any responsibility and is arduous to estimate. Therefore, employees have some terror of communication with their managers.


In spite of many obstructions, employees should communicate without difficulty and freely with open mind, with their managers, so that they can carry on their work in a more collision free manner with amenities and without any altercation. Employees should show their enthusiasm to open up a dialogue with their managers. Here are some important points, which would help the employees to communicate well with their managers.


Beside the basic obligation, one of the most helpful procedures to help ameliorate communication is to hold team meetings. However, instead of holding a large staff meeting with upwards of forty people, keep it small so that you can better communicate and stay on a more personal level with those in attendance. Personal contact is important when try to improving communication and protrude information to all layers of the business.


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