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Important use of different types of Digital coaxial cable

Flexible multicore cables are mostly adopted in control panels and machines for scrap and dry barren and acceded to the different entourage conditions of industries. Flexible multicore cables are shielded with PVC compounds. Flexible cables are fabricated by adopting bright annealed 99.97 authentic copper conductor and includes extrinsic PVC jacket which is adopted to deliver protection from oil, different chemicals and greases and also to deliver towering life. These cables are able to work in different temperatures, their normal working temperature is -20 to 70 degree centigrade and high working temperature is 20 to 90 degree centigrade.


Their operating current grade is 1100 volts and test current grade is 3000 volts. These types of cables have sterling resistance to thermal shock and available in different colors.  Polycab flexible cables are so popular flexible cables which are mostly used for security purpose. Hence, for security purpose it is twin–shielded with cables to assure high class quality in global market. The flexible multicore wires are ISI certified and delivers assurance for superior quality of cables in India as well as worldwide. We are the chief fabricator and supplier of multicore cables in India.



RG-6 is a usual sort of coaxial cable used in a broad assortment of housing and commercial applications. The word RG-6 itself is relatively generic and refers to an extensive range of cable designs. RG was originally a module for mass radio frequency cable in the U.S. military s  designation System. RG-6 cables characteristically are integral with a variety of kind of connector at each end. In CATV allocation applications these are usually f connector type, and in customer a/v applications other than RF and CATV mostly RCA plugs are used. RG-6 wires are also adopted in specialized video applications for displacing either base band analog video signals or sequential digital line signals. We are providing the best quality of RG-6 wires to our clients and customers.



Digital coaxial cables are a variety of cable purposely intended for moving a digital electric signal. They can supposedly be used for any sort of perception, but the majority patrons will use them for audio/video relations, chiefly for enclose sound systems. The appearance and feel of Digital coaxial cables are identical to a typical coaxial cable and also used for the similar movement. The chief dissimilarity is that they are improved shielded from interference and have higher impendence. Our company also deals with digital coaxial wires in India.


Twisted pair is a kind of cable which mainly consists of two separately insulated wires perverse approximately singles another. The utilization of double wires warped jointly assist to decrease crosstalk and electromagnetic initiation. Twisted pair is the normal copper wire that linked house and many commerce computers to the phone company. Although twisted pair is frequently linked with house use, a superior grade of warped pair is frequently used for horizontal wiring in LAN installations due to its less cost than coaxial cable. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of twisted pair cables in India.

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