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Ideal leadership

In todays era the business zone is growing so rapidly, and with this development it’s become very essential to manage and lead these growing companies. It’s not assured that managing a business today would change and renews itself in future. An organization is an open system of management with a close interaction with the environmental change of both external and internal. Along with this change it’s very essential to know your present business better before your future business. Well, performance management is another part of it that gives its final shape to both the present and the future business plans of the organization. In fact, good managers tend to be good leaders because there main focus is on getting tasks done efficiently and perfectly.

As all the responsibilities are under controlled by managers and so the leaders should not walk the talk. They should be as if they are learning model to the organization and encourages the staff to be life learners with the process of unlearning to learning. A good leader must be capable of regulating the suffering by giving priority to the work that has to change. Generally, most leaders start new initiatives without quitting other activities or start too many initiatives at the same time. They use to overwhelm the very people who need to take responsibility for the work. An effective evaluation system would allow a change management to run smoothly in an organization. To be more specific and precise, an effective change leader would impose out what are the short and long-term wish of the programme and base the evaluations on such targets.

At conclude it’s the final motivation to which the leadership capabilities combined with the evaluation tools. There is one very well defined story of the Pygmalion and the Galatea .Their kind effect contribute and support the performance in the organization. I mean to say that their performance compatibility towards coping with change. Underneath this change programme is the ideal and the foremost skill for a successful manager.

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parveen kumar

In s zone is growing so rapidly, and with this development it’s become very essential to manage a todays era the businesnd lead these growing companies.