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House wire are multi-strand flexibility, fire resistance cables

House wires are specially designed for domestic usage .These wires also keep properties like multi-strand flexibility, fire resistance and so on.


Do you know that you can kill others if you are doing installing electrical wiring incorrectly?

Only the licensed electricians or any expert people perform must do this pervasive and risky work these wires are made of specially formulated material and insulation techniques .Actually these types of wires consist of high oxygen and temperature index which make it able to protect and minimizes overloads and electric accidents .Before installing the wires in your houses you must have basic required knowledge of house hold wires.

At first, choose only more than 30 feet wire so that you can reuse it in future at somewhere else Otherwise it became a waste for you .Usage of these wires should always from top to bottom. Don’t keep multiple wires openly at same place for long a time.

Don’t install new wires near to water pipes and previous electric wires. Wires should not cross the ninety degree angle at the time of installations.

Start measurement of installed wire from the nearest corner of the room. Keep avoid the measurement from the window areas.

After running all the lines check each and every label of the room or the assigned building.

At the end keep it in mind to terminate the electric wire installation only in the electrical box.

Your correct installation steps of these house wires can prevent you from electric shocks or current. Some times wires buried behind the walls, obviously it is a result of bad quality material and wrong installation of wires.

There are different types of wires are used in houses for different purpose.

·         RG CAT-5

·         coaxial cable

·         CAT-5E and CAT-6

·         twisted pair cable



These wires are used for different works like TV connections, telephones, cables, fridge, air conditioners, computer network installations etc. These all electrical devices require centralized installment settings and configurations. This type of configuration increases the possibilities of un – interrupted receives and services from all electronic devices in the configured connection.

 This time market is full of new technologies .New technologies replaces old technologies. Wireless technology is much better than in reliability, security and speed. For example, wired technology has been replaces by the wireless technology, but according to this proverb “old is gold” wired technology still remain in the market and in demands that is why wireless technology could not replace the house wires and its importance.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.