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High Voltage cable: Used for high power transmission

High voltage cables are also known as HV cables which are used for electric power transmission at high voltage. These cables are manufactured for transmission of power over 35,000 volts. They contain metal joints for taking care of cables so that they do not touch each other in windy weather. These cables are available in triple layered XLPE insulation with BS and IEC standards. High voltage cables are used for different applications such as: AC and DC power transmission, ignition system and other instruments. 


High voltage cables are very popular across the world for high power transmission. They are the most reliable cables to work on heights and keep the lights on. They are used according to their length as short cables are used for apparatus, long cables are used in industries and buildings for high voltage power distribution & longest cables are used for underwater power transmission in submarines.

Like all other cables high voltage cables also contain two insulators. They are safe in comparison with low voltage cables as they have additional jacket of insulation. The use of these cables is as follows:

Ignition systems:

As the technology is changing day by day, the use of high voltage cables is increasing in automobile industries for designing new model of cars and other vehicles make the travelling more reliable. They are most powerful and safest and this is the biggest reason of their popularity. They provide electrical technology for daily convenience.

AC/DC Power Transmission:

AC/DC power transmission is used in every house for electronic appliances and also provides high power to connect with internet world wide. These cables are used for Wi-Fi connection to make internet access easy.

Instrument cables

As electronic equipments has become part of our life and cables are used in every instrument like millimeters, clocks, electrometers and chronometers on the other hand these equipments are also helpful in increasing beauty of your house as well as its resale value.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are various advantages and disadvantages of high voltage cables. The advantages are as follows: they are suitable to provide high power for street lights at high lengths, you can also use them in your gardens without connecting them with wires as they contain feature to get charged by sunlight and it also include disadvantage of not getting charged when the weather is cloudy and stormy.  Another advantage is that they are used for underwater cabling.


Conclusion:  High voltage cables are most popular cables because of their resistance power in every season. These cables are used for different types of appliances we use at our homes and available in different colors. They are used for accessing internet through Wi-Fi connection and also can be used for various other applications.

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