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Health is a subject for more concern compared to all other things

Health is a subject for more concern compared to all other things in the life. So many times we have used to hear these lines Health is wealth from our elder acquaintances. We people are living in 21 century and this decade has known as decade of computer technology. In today s time no one have that much of spare of time for other things. Fitness equipments have took the place of long and fresh and healthy morning walks. There are lot of remedies are available in the market to gain or loose the fat. One of three kids in America is overweight or obese These lines are taken out from a recent survey in America.

Some people bothered for over weight and some for their underweight. These people passed away their whole day by sitting in offices. They used to eat junk food instead of nutritious and healthy meals. We entangled in mentally works during the office times, but body needs physical work to remain fit and fine.


You are physically fit this time, but is their any surety that you will keep up your this health for the future time. Obviously no one can give surety for their long time fitness, but we can do some efforts to keep remain our health fit and fine. We can do some exercises at our home, gym or in nearby park. Morning walks and yoga can also help you to keep fit health. If you do not have enough time due to your tight and dominated schedules, you can bring and keep your gym equipments at your home. It will defiantly save your time and money. If do not know about the exercise steps than you can go through the fitness magazines and online videos. There are so many websites are available on the internet which provide necessary material for the daily exercises, and yoga s.

·         We should measure our health level time to time.

·         We should go for a full body check up once in a year.

·         We should keep continue our self in daily exercises and walks.

·         Although fruits and milk are also purveys with pesticides, but also we should include fresh vegetables, fruits and milk in our daily meals.

·         We should try to keep away from alcohols and junk food.

·         We should wake up early in the morning and try to sleep early in the night.

Number of fitness equipment manufacturer and gym equipment manufacturers are increasing day to day in India. In early time in India most of the people were entangle in the farming. That is why they did not need to go for a walk or other exercises. They used to do that kind of works which keep fit their body, but now we people are busier in offices so exercises and walks have become mandatory for us. We should understand the importance of exercises and try to give at least one our time from our daily tight schedule for our body.

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