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H07RN-F rubber cables used for agricultural tools and machines

H07RN-F rubber cables are used to transfer the energy through any portable or mobile equipment and electronic device .These wires are very much flexible as well as robust .These wires are one of the most popular wires for industries to transfer the audio and video signals ,sound systems ,telecommunication, stage lightning and so on. Very typical applications like pumps, grinders, feed wires, control processes transformers, welders temporary lighting wires are used these wires. This type of wires is suitable to work in bad whether conditions and with the thermal and mechanical process .Although these wires are used for the heavy process but these are as much as suitable for indoors too.

This wire is designed for the supply of power energy indoors and outdoors. It is also used in the building construction and work process control of plant.

These wires stand for harmonized code wires. These code were created by the “European Committee for Electro technical Standardization” committee .This is the standard and technical way to describe about these wires. For example we take the wire H07RN- F, in this wire code H stands for the harmonized code , the rate of voltage refer by the further numerical digits ,the next one character refer to the insulation type which has used in wire ,the next character tells about the sheath type that it is PCP sheath or any other type. The last one character F shows that this wire is made of flexible copper conductor.

This wire is also known as trailing wire, rubber wire, power cable, rubber flexible wire etc .There is a long list of these wire synonyms but the most appropriate and suitable name is only H07RN-F .This wires have also some versions. In industry some special types of wires are used according to the use.

  • H07RNF
  • HO7 RFN
  • HO5RR-F
  • H07ZZ-F
  • H01N2-D
  • H07RN8-F
  • H05RN-F
  • H07RN8-F

These wires are tough rubber sheathed wires and suitable for the use indoor and outdoor. These wire works in wet conditions also. Each wire work for different purpose according to the code .Some wires is suitable for the higher level of stress and heavy duty machines.

There are some applications of H07RN-F rubber cables

  • In agricultural tools and machines indoor as well as outdoors
  • For light mechanical stress
  • For office and kitchen handheld appliances
  • Commercial agricultural usage
  • Welding Cable with attention
  • Wiring machines, railway vehicles

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