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H07RN-F rubber cables operation

 This type of cable is mostly constructed for the supply of power energy for indoors and outdoors applications. It is also exercised in the construction of building and work process control of plant.

H07RN-F rubber cables are exercised to dispatch the energy with the help of any easily transported or mobile apparatus and electronic equipment .These kinds of cables are very much pliable as well as fleshy.


These kinds of cables are the leading cables for industries to dispatch the audio and video signals, telecommunication, stage lighting and sound systems and so on. These kinds of cables stand for harmonized code cables. These types of code were constructed by the “European Committee for Electro technical Standardization” committee. This is the touchstone and technical procedure to delineate about these types of cables. In H07RN-F cables the letter H describes the harmonized code, next letter R describes rate of voltage, the next letter stands for the type of insulation and the last letter F describes that this cable is constructed by flexible copper conductor


Very tentative operations like pumps, grinders, feed cables, control processes transformers, and welder’s temporary lighting cables commonly exercised these types of cables. This kind of cables is appropriate to work in nasty whether circumstances and with the thermal and mechanical process .Although these kinds of cables are adopted for the sedate procedure but these are as much as suitable for Mediterranean too. According to the huge operations following types of cables are popularly exercised for distinct types of applications as:


·         H07RNF

·         HO7 RFN

·         HO5RR-F

·         H07ZZ-F

·         H01N2-D

·         NSSHOU

·         H07RN8-F

·         NSGAFOU

·         NSSHOU

·         H05RN-F

·         NSHXAFO

·         H07RN8-F

Applications of H07RN-F rubber cables

·         These types of cables are commonly exercised in agricultural equipments and machines for internal as well as external applications.

·         Popularly these kinds of wires are used for light mechanical stress

·         Many types of handheld application in office and kitchen needed these types of cables.

·         Occupational agricultural usage

·         These types of cables also exercised with distinct types of Welding

·         During the cabling of machines and vehicles of rail these cables also used.

·         Many types of pipes and set-up channels also needed these superior cables for operations.

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