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Guidelines To Submit Articles Into Free Articles Directory

What should be an article content?

1. It should be in English using proper English Grammar and Spelling.

2. It must not be created like News article and press release.

3. Content of Article must not be in Self serving or promotional manner.

4. A topic shall not be against any product, company, and association, Individual or specific group.

5. We are not accepting pornography, illegal and controversial material in our directory listing.

6. We don't accept any article completely similar to your prior submission.

7. A publisher / author must keep in mind that the length don't cross beyond 5,000 words limits but our personal views are such as should be in 500 to 700 words.

8. Its font should be of 11 point Arial. It is also advised to not insert line breaks in the text or special Spacing while formatting.

9. Author name and about author should be mention in article resource or personal profile.