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FRLS Domestic Cables are very much environment friendly

As the time has changed, user requirements have also changed in every field. With the change of the time, user requirements forces to manufactures for the enhancement of technologies in the field of FRLS Domestic Cables .It refers to the fire retardant low smoke domestic cables .In earlier days, people use old wires which were not safe and easy to use and install too .Installation of these wires require investment more than the cost of that kind of wires. Actually these kinds of wires are very easy to use and install.

FRLS Domestic Cables are very much environment friendly and complete the users requirement .When these kind of wires came in the touch of fire, it does not release halogen gases and poisonous gases too. Actually the manufacturing process of these wires is consisting of several well defined and approved procedures .These wires use halogen free material so that it would emit halogen free gases. In the manufacturing of non- fire retardant low smoke wires the used material was not of halogen free contents. As a result, in the contact of fire or due to electric shock these kinds of wires burn and emit halogen gases .

these gases are very much harmful for the environment a well as for the human beings. When these wires come in the contact of acids or in the rain water it releases acidic fluids. These harmful chemicals which are used in the manufacturing of the non -fire retardant low smoke wires of the wires For an example, In the electric devices like refrigerator, Air conditioners, inverters etc fire retardant low smoke wires must be used because it reduces the chances of fire accidents due to electric shocks or voltage current .These small electric shocks and voltage currents some times takes the face of hazardous fire accidents .These fire accidents mostly occurs at the congested places like hospitals ,railways ,air ports ,schools ,colleges ,cinema halls ,malls ,shopping markets and at much more these types of places.

Characteristics of FRLS Cables

·  FRLS Domestic Cables are always certified wires and used material in the manufacturing of these wire also verified and certified too.

·         These wires are made of halogen free gases and acidic fluids .It leads to pollution free environment.

·         These Fire retardant low smoke wires are consist of oxygen and other environment friendly chemicals which emits less harmful gases at the time of lightening.

·         These wires are mostly use at the congested places like


Ø  Hospitals

Ø  Cinema halls

Ø  Shopping complexes

Ø  Schools and hospitals

Ø  Railways

Ø  Apartments

Ø  High floor buildings

Ø  Industries and power plants

Ø  Companies


FRLS Domestic Cables retardant low smoke wires have some special characteristics and properties .These given upper mentioned properties make these wires very much important and unique .Really FRLS Cables give new dimensions to the world of wires.      


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