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FRLS Domestic cables are extensively in demand for electrical

FRLS Domestic cables are extensively in demand for different electrical and electronics applications. These amazing cables direct the invention to a reflector assembly in a satellite system including a reflector and a layer of insulation and the wires are available in different materials. Additionally, these cables are manufactured in different length and thicknesses and colors. These cables are delivered to various customers and clients from only reliable vendors and also tested in well defined manner by following various standard quality parameters and protocols. These cables refer to the fire resistant low smoke domestic cables. These cables are specially designed for special places like Houses Buildings, Flats, Factories, Hospitals, Theaters and Education Institutions etc.  The name of these cables showing its multiple features and characteristics. It has comprises or includes...

·         These cables contain less quantity of harmful halogen gases.

·         These are eco friendly wires.

  • These wires emit less smoke at the burning time.
  • These cables are only use for less technological applications.


When the fire breaks-out at the places like buildings, complexes, the burning of wire emits black, dark piousness smoke. These fires accidents detriment and subsequently becomes pernicious to the human beings life. These cables are quite safe during the fire break-out. Thermocouple cables are used in different thermocouple types.

  1. PVC,
  2. Fiber glass,
  3. PFA,
  4. Silicone Rubber,
  5. XLPE,
  6. Ceramic fiber and so on 

These cables are to IEC 584.2 colour codes and tolerances although other colour codes are available too. Manufacturers of these cables offer a wide variety of constructions from simple bell wire to screened and armored types in typical compositions. Some of the times virtual composition of material for these wires are also used. A pair of solid or stranded conductors PVC insulated. Pair twisted, screened with Mylar aluminium tape in contact throughout with a bare tinned copper drain wire PVC sheathed. These types of cables are manufactured generally in accordance with BS5309:1987. Single or multi pair of solid or stranded conductors Polyethylene insulated. Pairs twisted and particularly screened with Mylar aluminium tape screen in contact throughout with a tinned copper drain wire. Pairs put up and overall screened with Mylar aluminium tape in contact throughout with a tinned copper drain wire and PVC sheathed. Teflon Wire is another one important cable electrical.

These wires are used to apply Teflon layer in cooking vessels to make them non-sticky.
It contains intensively less friction of it and makes them suitable to be used in that places where sliding action of surfaces are needed. These places can be like in bearings, gears of vehicles, slide plates, bushings etc. This type of cable remains stable over high temperature as they are corrosion resistant.
It is used as material for designer circuit boards which are needed at microwave frequencies. That is why these wires are in more demand because of their best performance and dielectric characteristics. The main strength of dielectric differentiates them with other solids. Teflon has higher frequencies and is more used.

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