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Fire retardant cables: use to secure from serious fire attacks

Fire retardant cables are highly demanded in current market as people are becoming more conscious about security. Whenever you are going to install cabling in your building then there are few things you need to keep in your mind. These cables are very safe and used to transfer high voltage signals at high bandwidth. Fire retardant cables are mainly available in two forms such as: PH 30 and PH 120. These cables are most convenient to be used in severe climatic conditions.


Fire retardant cables are used to be implemented in big buildings to survive in worst conditions. These cables are available in different colors and mainly designed to survive in fire attacks. They are used in various industries as they transmit fluent signals without any fluctuation in current. These cables are ideally used for various places like:

·         Railway stations

·         Hospital

·         Hotel

·         Airports

·         Shopping centers

·         Schools

·         High rise flats

·         Offices

·         Theaters

·         Underground tunnels

·         Cinemas



Growing Fire Hazards:

Fire hazards are increasing day by day as their fitting is grounded and we will not be able to notice the hidden faults. Inner wall fitting of these cables is dangerous and can cause big disasters:

·         Fire retardant cables are not easily accessible and their maintenance is also hard, sometimes a little carelessness can cause big disasters. So, to reduce these disasters we must take care of the quality of the cables we are going to use for cabling.

·         The installation of these cables can be done in bunch so, they contains high risk.

·         If anyone cable catch fire from bunch then it effects all the cable attached with it as they are flammable

Therefore it is essential to check the quality of cable you are going to use for cabling. The wires should not cover with plastic body as they can catch fire easily. 


Use of Flame Retardants

Fire retardant cables of any cable is depending on the thickness of its covering and material used for its covering. The resistance if cable can be achieved by aluminum covering and PVC insulation.

·         Initially poor flammable material was used for designing cables by which possibility of catching fire increased and wires become less demanded.

·         PVC insulation increase the durability of cable

·         Polymer flame retardant is very useful material for low smoke flame retardant cables.


Fire retardant cables are used for various applications as they are made up of best quality raw material. They are designed with the mixture of different material such as: Magnesium hydroxide (MTH) and aluminum trihydroxide (ATH).


These cables are useful for installation of building cabling to secure them from unwanted fire attacks. Use of these cables is safe as they provide durability.

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