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Fire resistant cable suppliers provide free shipping

Fire alarm cable is one of the new generation cables. These wires are very precious for the safety purpose. We used alarms or kind of indicators for every thing. Fire is as very useful and important to us as well as it is very harmful and dangerous too for us. We put or install indicators in our vehicles like in car, scooty, bus, trucks, fridge, oven, door bells and in so many more things than why we avoid that much of dangerous event” Fire accidents” at our homes, offices, buildings, malls, shopping places etc. We can not avoid these places that much easily without any consideration. We have to make aware our self for our personal as well as others safety too. We are rich of new and latest technologies. We have a lot of different kind of technologies through which we can make safe our self. Fire alarm cables are one of the best solutions to get indication or alert for any kind of electric current and fire accident. Digital coaxial cable is used to transmit digital signals from source to destination. It is also known as coax cable. Its sub categories are rg-6, rg-59,  


  • The higher-frequency of these cables decreases rapidly with its increased length.
  • The bandwidth of a fiber-optic cable will remain with length.
  • Fiber-optics remains same for a bandwidth over a distance of 4,500 ft,
  • There are three different sizes of coaxial cables rapidly drop in less than ½ of the distance.
    RG-58 rolls off 3 dB at 177 ft. Larger, bulkier cables such as RG-11 can reach up to these wires are very hard and impractical to implement and install.
  • This cable runs these distances in home theater anyway.
  • Three such cables are required for RGB color.
  • Fiber-optic cable, allows transmission of more than 66 MHz video clock.
  • Fiber cable allows 23 MHz over 3 miles, without the help of any repeaters or equalizers.


In the outer countries, it ids government rule that if any one do not install these4 kind of safety cables, he or she have to pay fine or have to full the jail punishment for some time. There is a one more benefit with these cables that it helps to make environment pollution free. According to environmental survey are ozone layer depletion is increasing day to day.  This depletion promotes global warming. So we can understand the necessity of these wires for us and as well as for the environment too. Fire resistant cable suppliers provide free shipping or home delivery of these kinds of wires. Most of the cable manufacturers provide itself free home delivery for their customers and clients.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.