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Fire Rated Telephone Cable

Fire rated telephone cables are highly demanded as they are one of the best fire resistant cables used for telephone lines to transmit accurate signals without any electromagnetic interference and disturbance. They are available in different colors and length for signal transmission at high as well as low temperature. They are designed by best quality raw material and insulated with aluminum shield to protect them from any kind of disturbance in frequency. These cables are halogen free and best to be used for domestic purpose as well as industries. They are flexible as they are incorporated with copper wires.

Fire rated telephone cables are used for telephone lines all over the world and also for internet connections for accurate transmission speed in required mbps. These cables are safe and easy to handle and contains better damage, chemical, electrical and moister resistance. To protect these cables from rust, their inner insulation is done by thick aluminum shield and outer insulation is done by low smoke halogen free thermoplastic. They contain plain annealed copper conductors and screened aluminum foil for flexibility. These cables contain various features such as:

·         Less smoke emission

·         Reduce fire propagation

·         Chemical and acid resistance

·         Reliable for different climatic changes

Fire rated telephone cables are smoke free cables as they are halogen free and provide advantage of transmitting 600/1000 volts. These cables are used in various purpose such as: tunnel, mass transit railways, shopping developments, power stations, theaters, petrochemical plants, computer installations and oil plants etc.


Secure: Fire rated telephone cables are more secure in comparison with other cables as they contain less halogen which is very toxic for human beings and cause many health diseases like cancer, lung diseases and many more.

Cheap: They are cheap in comparison with other cables as they are incorporated wit fiber optic cables which are less costly in comparison with copper cables. They are used to transmit signals over long distance.

No Electrical Interferences: one of the most important advantages of these cables is their resistance. These cables are electrical and chemical resistant so, they do not get affected by any kind of climatic or acidic attack.

Space saver: fiber cables are very thin in comparison with other cables. so, there installation does not required much space. These cables are best to be implemented in small places and small buildings.

Low Attenuation: These cables are very safe and secure as they contains less data loss. Fiber is a light weight metal so, it contains very less data loss.


Fire rated telephone cables are fire resistant and used to transmit accurate signals. They are made up of best quality raw material and able to resist in worst climatic conditions. These cables are safe to use.

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