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Fire Alarms are essential equipments and prevents

Fire alarm cable is used for smoke detectors, signaling and fire indication. Actually security from fire is pervasive; a survey depicts that there is a fire accident in every seven minutes in the hoses of United Kingdom of India. To prevent houses, industries, high floor buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, industries and companies from fire accidents, these wires are very helpful and essential too.  All equipments of fire alarm system and circuits are controlled by the fire alarm systems. The area of wiring system between the load side of the over current equipment or the electricity limited supply are connected and controlled by these systems. These wires are specially manufactured wires. There are three general categories of these wires

·         Plenum wires

·         Non plenum wires

·         Riser wires

These both wires are available in the shielded and unshielded forms and are used on multiple different applications. For example monitor detection, control circuits and audio circuits, other types of like notification circuits and initiating circuits. Upper defined this each wire has manufactured through standard manufacturing process. Plenum wires are used to making ducts or closed air spaces . Fire alarm cable usually known as “FPLP”. The second one wires named non – plenum wires are used for surface wiring and known as “FPL”. The last one Riser wires are used for floor to floor vertical applications and known as “FPLR”. These names of wires are assigned cording to the naming convention of “National electric codes”. This guide also describes the rules for the installation of wires. Indicators for these accidents are of two types

·         Wireless indicators

·         Wired indicators

Wireless alarms are much more beneficial compared to the wires indicators systems. Wire less alarms doesn’t require expensive installations and provide faster services. No more holes in walls and damaged wall colors, wireless systems can make it possible. In early days for these setups long procedure of installment of Fire alarm cable were required. If fire is running all over the room and wires which are connected to the accident indicators have damaged before the alarm goes off, obviously detection will be failed. Wireless systems are little bit expensive compared to hard wired systems.

In case of wired systems so many precautions and standards are considered at the time of manufacturing of these wires. The main points to be considered are abrasion resistance, chemical and voltage criteria. The names which are assigned to these wires are also followed by the standards mentions in guide “national electric codes”. The standards of national fire protection association operate these “national electric standards.” NEC standards are mostly followed for the wiring projects and to install the wires and related equipments. Underwriters Laboratories and ASTM International has established For the purpose of designing and testing of these Fire Alarm Cable

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