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Fire alarm cables are used to get alert from fire accidents

Fire is a matter of life and death. So you need to be really careful while choosing the quality of cabling you are going to install in your building or house. People do not take protective measures until and unless they face any fire accident. Every building requires fire alarm and they must be very effective so that they can detect even a little leakage of gas and smoke which are very hazardous and can create a big disaster.


fire alarm cables are available in shielded and unshielded forms. Wireless cables are safe in comparison with wired system, as wired system is risky and catch fire easily. Cabling differs from building to building. The alarms need to be installed at convenient place and must produce effective sound so that it can reach to everyone and help people to avoid a chaos situation.

 These alarms need to be installed after reading all the codes and precautions defined by the manufacturers.


Types of fire alarm cables:

·         Multi-conductor fire system cable: these cables contain multi-conductors which are used to detect tiny bit of gas or fire. These conductors are used for fire protective circuits, smoke detectors, voice communications and burglar alarms. They are covered with heavy duty fire alarm cable which is heat and moister resistant.


·         Multi-pair fire system cable: fire alarm cables are used in wiring of fire protection circuits, smoke alarm, and burglar alarm and voice communications. They contain several twisted pair circuits which are used in high temperature to reduce danger.


Features of fire alarm cables:

·         They are easy to carry

·         More flexible

·         Suitable for Zone 2 and zone 1 hazardous areas

·         Use twisted pair cables to improve quality

·         Contains small bending radius


Advantages and disadvantages of fire alarm cables:


·         The main advantage of fire alarm cables is that they are very low in cost but on the other they are sensitive and required more care even after installation.

·         Another important advantage is concern with their use as can be used in harsh environment because of their flexibility but on the other hand they are expensive to install.

·         They contain aluminum insulation which helps in removing the interruption of electromagnetic interferences and loss, but their implementation is tough in remote areas.



fire alarm cables are very safe and secure in comparison with other cables as they are more flexible and also provide feature of wireless cabling to detect a tiny bit of fire and smoke. So, use them and stay protected.

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