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Fiber Glass Cable: suitable for short distance signal transmission

Fiber glass cables are most expensive cables which are used to transmit signals for short distance. These cables are made up of high quality raw material and results in the reduction of length. These cables are fire resistant and extensively used for lead wire, motor and transformers, etc where PVC cables are not suitable. They are made up of combination of unique elements like mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical.


Fiber glass cables are designed by using premium quality raw material and used for high frequency signal transmission. These cables contain very less signal loss and block unwanted interferences. These cables are used in various industries such as:

  • Halogen Holders
  • Electric Motors & Mono Block Pumps
  • Furnaces, Boilers
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Home Appliances
  • Control Panels
  • Lighting and Luminaries
  • Auto Electric Products
  • Alternators
  • Terminals and Lugs
  • Medical Equipments
  • Starter Field Coil   
  • Heaters
  • Heating Elements
  • Exhaust Fans  





Dielectric Strength:


The dielectric strength is required to make the cables more durable. Braided and wrapping of cables provide them insulation and helps in blocking unwanted interferences. This insulation is necessary to avoid the intersection between conductors.



Working Temperature:
Continuous 130 c

 For short periods 155 c.


Tear Resistant:


These cables are tear resistant as they are uniaxial oriented and reliable. It is very easy to axis these wires as there structure is designed in simple manner. 


High Tensile Strength:
Maficon Insulations adds significantly to the tensile strength of the insulated conductor through the mechanism of load transfer because the insulation has such superior break strength. It will support the wire at each point where excessive stretching occurs. Wire insulated with conventional material will break since there is no support from the insulation.


Higher Cut Through And Abrasion Resistant:
Maficon Insulation is remarkable resistant to cut through and scrap abrasion. Thin cross sections of Mylar 0.004” to 0.005” Thick wall ensure greater cut through stress and general abuse then 0.010” to 0.020” of insulation such as PVC, Nylon jacketed PVC and others.

Tinned Copper Stranded Wire Twice w site And Well Overlapped With Fiber Glass Yarn, Braided With Fiber glass round Oppose Yarn And Impregnated With High Class Insulating Thermosetting Varnish.




·         tear resistant

·         Moisture resistant

·         Chemical and electrical resistant

·         Flexible from 70 deg C to 300 deg C

·         Contains excellent dielectric properties

·         Strength up to 1500 volts.

·         Ozone / acidic attack resistant





·         Furnace connections

·         Insulating thickness

·         Provide loop heater terminals

·         Contains conventional dielectric material

Fiber glass cables are used to provide fire resistance and can be easily bended whenever required for round cabling.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.