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Electricity has become the next most important need of human beings

Electrical wiring means a medium for transmission of electricity from one place to other place. Apart from the need of cloth, food and house, electricity is the next most important need of human beings.


Convince to provide the electricity at homes, buildings schools wires are required to complete the need of electricity. We used so many physical devices like bridges, routers etc to transfer and distribute the electricity. Electrical wiring are little bit different from industrial wires because these are not made for heavy machines and high voltage transfer of electricity. These wires are generally used for buildings and schools because these wires provide power to  all home appliances ,  computer networks, servers, T.V., phones,  fans ,lights etc  to run. 

Wire’s type, size are recognized by the marked numbers and their color or codes on the outer sheath of the Electrical wiring. Coaxial wire, twisted pair wire, shielded wire are the example of these type of wires. Another code are also present in deeper sheath, this tell the purpose of different colors of wire and relatively work and use of that particular wire. As different colors wires serve different different, configuration and purposes


  • For ground and neutral connections.
  • Bounded to junction boxes and device connections for safe use.

 Blue and yellow color


  • switch legs to things like lights and fans
  • Used for switch legs

§  Control things like light, fans, and switched outlets.

  • Travelers in three-way and four-way switch applications.


Red color 


  • Connect the hardwired smoke detectors.
  • Hot wire installation for 20 volt
  • Switch and switch legs.


Black color  

§  these are used as switch and switch legs

§  Can not configure for the use of ground connection.

§  As hot wires

Electrical wiring consist of two wires and an outer screen. There should be at least two wires.  For traveling of high voltage the inner copper conductor wires are screened in outer wrapping of insulated sheath. These outer jackets are made of material named Synthetic polymers. 

§  Brown color wire replaces the red color wire.

§  Blue color wire replaces the black color wire, black wire.

§  Green-yellow striped replacing the older green wiring.

There are some well reputed companies of wires like

§  Polycab

§  Ultra flex,

§  Darshan,

§  Anchor,

§  Havells

§  L & T etc.

These companies are doing good progress and providing excellent services to their customers. As the time passing and new technologies are introducing, companies are also launching new variety of their products. In other terms, because Electrical wiring is the thing which should have handled very carefully, the coming new technologies makes it possible and easier.


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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.