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EASA part - 66 modules training and examinations program

The full form of EASA is European Aviation Safety Agency which provides authority to national components. The mission of EASA is to provide highest safety and environmental protection in civil aviation. EASA is cost-efficient regulatory system in Europe and other part of the world. The vision of EASA part - 66 modules is to provide the sustainable and safe aviation system.

EASA is an independent European Community body with a legal personality and autonomy in legal, administrative and financial matters.  The main task of EASA part - 66 modules is to assist the European Commission in preparation and support the Member States and industry to adopt its own certification specifications and guidance material. It conducts technical inspections and issue certificates where centralized action is more efficient and assists the European Commission in monitoring the application of European Community legislation.

 Part - 66 modules provide the issue related to Aircraft maintenance license, its validity and proper use for aero planes and helicopters of the following categories as PART-66 Category A, PART-66 Category B1, PART-66 Category B2, and PART-66 Category C.

By the help of EASA question bank people can know that what type of question occurred in the EASA examination. There are certain publisher of question bank of EASA examination are present around us which provide best categories of question for good preparation.
Through the help of these question bank people studies all related question which occur in examination and also they cleared EASA examination and makes their future bright.

Some required skills is needed to clear EASA exam for this some courses also included as EASA part 66 modular training programs. These training programs will help the students to enhance their career in aircraft maintenance engineering field. This is a well known fact that these training programs are so essential for making a bright future in Aviation. These training programs focus mainly on skills necessary to clear the EASA part 66 exams. There are different categories administered by EASA to gain employment in maintenance fields as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. These training programs provide the knowledge related to aircraft maintenance and issue which occur in aircraft and how we avoid that type of issue from aircraft.

The requirements and procedure for EASA part 66 examinations are that candidate are able to apply only by writing email or in person at IGIT using an appropriate application form. For booking of examination date candidate should mention on the application form the day in which they want to sit for examination. The examination fee must be sent with the application form unless booking will not me made.

The EASA material should cover the EASA part 66 license syllabus. These materials are compiled and kept up-to-date by the authors/tutors, and designed for easy understood by students. These materials mainly focused on aircraft maintenances and their operation in a correct format. These materials mainly conduct the questions which occur in EASA examinations. By reading these materials students may able to pass EASA examination.

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