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Digitalized Coaxial cable Technology for Surrounded Sound Systems

Coaxial cable is a wire which has layered insulation and shield .A simple wire generally used in our homes has become a very essential part of computer network installment and TV infrastructure deployment within last some time. If we looking back, the real opening is linked from the sellers of U.S. satellite TV and lines who saw this as a way to reach in rural areas .

It is a kind of wire which has places in center and wrapped by insulation braided wire shield. The used two conductors exists with a common axis from the cylinders .The shielding of braided wire is used to reduce the interruption in transmission of signals .This cable is basic cable which is used for computer networks, television connections, dish or cable connections .There are two conductors in coax cable. These conductors are separated by a material; exactly this material is insulation .This electric material has large frequency capacity. Due to use in establishment of computer networks, it is known as Ethernet wire also. Wires are used for two ways communication .Wires are divide in two types on the basis of design types.

Transmission wires and computer wires

These two conductors are separated to each other .In manufacturing of these wires, conductors play a very important role .The outer conductor known as shield .These both conductors play a very important role to give them common axis length from cylinders. This cylinder placed at center place of coaxial cable. To insulate and shields the wire special material are used.

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Fluorinated ethylene propylene

It is more expensive than other used wires in telephone communication but these wires carry more quantity of data with security comparatively other wires. Polyethylene, and Polypropylene are required materials for power and temperature ranged applications .These wires have two types of properties

  • Physical properties
  • Mechanical properties.

Impedance is the very important electric property of these the wires .This property does not depend on length of the wires. “Impedance is the resistance power of any wire”. Single impedance value of a wire is equal to the combined value of inductance, conductance, and capacitance. Impedance refers to the opposite flow of the electric current in wires. The measurement unit of impedance is ohm. The values of the wire diameter, length size, and outer jacket size are predefine and fixed. Next property or characteristic is storage that means how much facture, electric and mechanical hurdles next property is fixed diameters. Bend radius and Flex radius .This fixed values helps to minimize data loss .Both types of signals analog and digital signals transmit through these wires. The main difference among the wires due to their used wrapping material and requirements like physical and electrical .Low loss wires due to their weight, size, and cost are very much popular.

The extreme use of these wire networks, HFC, has reached at that level where it can go beyond the limits .Now it has expanded from television to the internet world.

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