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Digital Coaxial Cable: use to transmit digital/analog signals

Digital coaxial cables are basically used to carry digital signals. These cables are insulated with copper wires to provide them more durability and helps in carrying accurate signals from one end to another end. They are available in different colors and lengths and used to transmit high voltage signals without any unwanted interference and fluctuation. These cables are sound and fire proof so; they are widely used in various industries such as: TV, telephone and radio signal transmission.

Digital coaxial cable contains PVC insulation to block the electromagnetic interferences while transferring the audio/video signals. These cables are widely used for industrial as well as domestic purpose. They are designed by using best quality raw material to carry signals at high as well as low temperature and also used to handle electrical frequencies.

For long distance signal transmission coaxial cable is most desired cable as it is used to carry both audio and video signals with good quality of images and sound. Mainly two types of signals are used to carry signal through coaxial cables such as: digital signals and analog signals.  

A Digital coaxial cables is kind of signal which is used to transmit digital data and information from one end to another end. They carry signals in binary codes such as zero and one. They carry accurate signals within small data packets so that any information cannot be lost and quality of images and sound will not be degraded. They are also used to carry information in number and letters on a natural wavelength so that any unwanted interruption cannot occur.

Analog signals are mainly used for telephone lines and air wave transmission. These signals use modulator-demodulator (modem) to receive analog signals and later convert them into digital signals to improve the quality of images and pictures they are transferring. These cables are most popular for transferring accurate signals without any interference and fluctuation in current at high bandwidth.

Digital coaxial cables are mainly used for domestic purpose for cabling in home appliances such as: television, music systems, microwaves and many more. These cables are less expensive and help in transmitting accurate signals. 



·         Low error rate and less fluctuation to remove the unwanted interferences during signal transmission.

·         Able to transmit sufficient signals at multiple channels.

·         Easy to be installed and relatively less expensive

·         Chemical and electrical resistance

·         More flexible due to thick PVC insulation

·         Best to be used in worst climatic conditions


Digital coaxial cables are very much flexible and use to transmit audio/video signals. These cables are easy to install and available in different color and lengths. They are used to  transmit  both digital and analog signals in binary codes.

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