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Different power cable manufacturer in Delhi, India


A Shielded cable is characteristically used to raise the excellence of transmissions. These sorts of cables are protected with a braided shield that will guard the broadcast persisting through it. Shielded wires are recognized as screened cable, is an electrical power cable that includes of at least one insulated conductor, which is detained within a shape of conductive layer. The shield is complete of a form of metal, for illustration copper, which is braided, non-braided metal tape or a coating of a conduct polymer. Also a jacket usually covers these cables for protection.

Fiber optic shielded wire is prepared from a numeral of optical fibers. Every fiber has its own covering of plastic in a numeral of layers. This acts as a defense for the fiber. The layers act to give power to the fiber. Coaxial cable is a type of electrical power shielded wire, which include of an inner conductor that is used by an insulting layer which is itself then covered by a conduct shield. Its name itself indicates from the fact that the inner conductor and the external shield have an identical geometric axis. Its purpose is to broadcast radio frequency signals. Our company is the best manufacturer and supplier of these types of cables in India.

Power cable manufacturer have fabricating wires at a highest level. The term power cable is very broad and describes a few different types of cables. In the present time there are so many manufacturing companies are delivering best quality of power cables.  People are more focusing on transparency and procurement in manufacturing cables on Indian level as well as International level. Power cable is typically used in the industrialized sector to run power to another area. Power cable manufacturers adopt different technologies for manufacturing and these technologies are very expensive. Relmac technologies are the leading manufacturer of power cables in India.


During the startup of abundant machines Cables control are necessary. In comparison with other cables, the diameters of these cables are large. These wires are applied underground and transmission of electricity in industries, plants, and so many installations of electronic devices. These wires are also used in different power projects and power plants. 

These wires are fabricated in many levels at the time of manufacturing and have to go through from many tests at individual level. But mostly these types of wires are adopted in the automation of process and the overall control of entire plants. These cables are generally used for automation, startup and accelerating processes etc. Our company is the best manufacturer and supplier of control cables.

Special cables are require for taking elevated pressure and are hence install with manifold cores and tinned copper wire braids that will protect the control cables from stress and exterior electromagnetic pressures. Different types of special wires are equipped with plain copper conductors and AC potency account up to 1100 V and DC up to 1500 V. Our company also deals with Special cables

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