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Difference between PTFE heater wires and H07RN-F rubber cables


The full form of PTFE is poly tetra fluoro ethylene. PTFE was first introduced by Roy Plunkett in 1938 in New Jersey. PTFE heater wires are manufactured by fluorocarbon solid and it has high molecular weight, which is sedate by carbon and fluorine.  The density of PTFE wires are 2200 kg/m3 and melting point is 327 C. PTFE heater wires has low set up charges and short lead times. PTFE is a plastic which is malleable up to -200 C and steady up to 260 C. These characteristics help to develop safe, efficient and long life PTFE insulated heaters. Applications of such type of wire are in various fields as in car seats heating, blanket heating and floor heating etc. These wires are also used for temperature control for electronics display devices. In gasket heating these types of wires are chiefly used. These types of wires have distinctive mechanical and electrical properties and also these are high temperature resistant. These types of wires are primarily used in the areas where supreme temperature about +180 C is needed. In today s world these wires work under the temperature of 40 C.




PTFE insulated wires are mostly used for internal wiring of miscellaneous electrical equipment. PTFE wires have high mechanical and electrical properties so it is used in many electrical applications. PTFE wires have long electrical stability so it is used in manufacturing of gears, slide plates and pyrotechnic compositions. This is the reason that these wires are mostly used in heaters. Relemacindia is one of the dominant PTFE heater wires manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi.




H07RN-F is reconcile, heavy weight, malleable, rubber insulated, black neoprene jacketed European cable. H07RN-F rubber cables are fabricated to deliver high resilience. These types of cable have the accommodation to withstand with weather, mechanical and thermal stress condition. Application areas of H07RN-F rubber cables include mobile power supplies, worksites, port area and equipment handling. These rubber cables characterize by a cable type using harmonized cable coding. These are frequently used as an extensible cable for lighting accessories due to its persistence and abrasion resistance.



H07RN-F is coated in rubber but surrounded in polycholoropropene. Outer jacket of H07RN-F cable is designed in black color. These cables are heavy-duty and rubber sheathed cable. These types of cables are also used for short circuit poof and short ground proof accession. A synthetic thermosetting compound type SE3/EM3 to BSEN/IEC/HD is used in inner cover of H07RN-F cable. A synthetic thermosetting compound type SE4/EM2 to BSEN 50363-2-1 / IEC 60245-1 / HD 22.1 S4 is used in outer cover of H07RN-F cables. H07RN-F cables are depicted primarily as a trailing cable for exercise in the accumulation of energy for manageable mobile equipment. These cables are frequently used in industrial works as boilers, electric tools, homework tools and transportable motors. It is also pertinent for absolutely laying on intrinsic and mechanical parts of machines in lifts and cranes. Our company is a leading H07RN-F rubber cables manufacturer and supplier and we are discriminate for our feasible prices.

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