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Difference between Digital coaxial cables and RF coaxial cables

Digital coaxial cables regularly appear and feel almost identical to a typical coaxial cable which is adopted for the similar movement. The chief dissimilarity is that they are improved shielded from interference; have higher impedance but they are designed to do a better job of carrying a digital signal. Digital coaxial wires are a variety of cable purposely intended for moving a digital, electric signal. They can supposedly be used for any sort of perception, but the majority patrons will use them for audio/video relations, chiefly for enclose sound systems


These cables utilize the similar essential standard. These types of cable have an internal conduct coating that is typically complete with copper. This coating is bordered by an exterior conductor all along with rubber wadding that wraps approximately the exterior of the cable. Dissimilar to RF coaxial cables which transmit together audio as well as video, digital coaxial cable has presently one reason only: to broadcast digital audio among two working stations. Obviously, this solitary purpose delivers much superior excellence over RF coaxial cables, while minimize sign failure and meddling.

A standard coaxial cable is merely a cable where there is a middle wire wrap by an insulate material, then a metal shield, and finally a plastic casing. The signal is broadcast along the cable as an electromagnetic wave that takes movements through the insulate material. Coaxial cables are obtainable with a diversity of dissimilar plugs at moreover finish for linking to diverse equipment like TV set or cable box. Our company is the chief manufacturer and supplier of digital coaxial cables in India.


Copper control cables cannot attached together to install for long interval. Most of the sectors like communication, construction and Transport are expanding much faster with the help of these cables. So it is essential to install more reliable cabling to dispatch fast signals. A single tiny error leads to a big disaster. These types of cables are more pliable and deliver reliability for broadcasting signals without any electromagnetic obstruction and crosstalk. They are easy to install and provide more security in comparison with other types of cables


These cables are more expensive in comparison with fiber optic and cannot dispatch signals for long location, in case long distance signal transmission an expensive repeater is required. Mainly some types of copper cables which are adopted in industrial areas are as marine copper wires, control copper links, power copper links and telecommunication copper wires. These cables are adopted for various control operation related to electrical industries.



Copper control cables are adopted in Different industries as:

  • Electrical power sector
  • Transportation sector
  • Telecommunication sector
  • Mining sector
  • Electrical machineries industries

In India we are the best manufacturer and supplier of good quality of Copper control cables and we also provide best kind of control cables to our clients and customers.

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