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Difference between 5 core flat cables and 3 core flat cables

 5 core flat cables are flexible power wires which are used at AC system .These wires   can work for long time at low temperature .If there is a condition for doing work on direct current system, these wires can do but there is a temperature limitation .It can only work at low temperature .The working voltage should be 1.6 times lower than average temperature .The working temperature of these wires must be higher than the zero degree centigrade and less than seventy degree centigrade.

These wires makes wiring process very simple with the help of play and plug connectivity .This kind of wires have a very unique feature that it provides five hard wiring and six soft wiring solutions. These wires help to minimize the wastage of raw material .With these wires you can add equipments by easy plug in techniques. It takes very less quantity of wires at the time of installation. Our company is the best company in the field of 5 core flat cables manufacturing and supply.

Main features of 5 core flat cables

·         These kinds of links are easy to install.

·         These types of links deliver smooth installation

·         These wires secure our house and office from extra wire damage.

·         These types of cables are applicable with personal computers and connecters.

·         Mostly in various types of DVD players, fax machines and other electronic devices these wires are chiefly used.

3 core flat cables is one of the important type of the flexible flat cables .These wires is formed by crossed pair of conductor .These wires provide possible degree of safety and durability .With these wires also increase the chances of reliability. These wires are very much popular for easy and simple operations, abrasion resistance comparably longer life and for high reliability. These wires do not allow passing water, grease and oil too.

Present conditions of these wires in the market

Now a day s in the market these wires are available in a wider and broad range .The designing and manufacturing factors makes this wires more durable and reliable .These wires contains so many striking feature that is why it became more demanding wire. Really these wires are one of the striking featured wires which are on the most demand in the market. The triple layer protection of these wires has increases the number of qualities wires list.

Advantages of insulation on these links

 3 core flat cables has manufactured of pure copper conductors .These wires have minimum conductor resistance power .The internal core part of this wire has made of a special composite material .The outer screening of these wires has completed with PVC wrapping .This wrapping of wires became very helpful to provide protection from the restricted materials .These restricted materials are like  water ,oil, gases ,chemicals and many more abrasions .These protections jackets provide safety and long lasting life to the wires.  We are also providing distinct types of 3 core flat cables in Delhi.

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