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Decorate home by Bone crafts products

A bone is an item dropped by the skeletons. Modern day we use many things which is made by Bone crafts. There are many decoration things which we use in ours home to decorate is made by the help of Bone crafts. Bone worker uses bones to make many important things which are important in present time. We use bonesetter to reset the bone fractures. Before the creation of osteopaths and physical therapist, people uses bonesetter for treatment. A bone folder is used to score and smooth the paper. The reason it s called a bone folder is because it was made using a polished bone from cattle, but today they are made from heavy acrylic. By the help of bone folder we make book binding more simply and it looks also attractive.

 We uses bone cements successfully from more than half century. Artificial joints are builds with bone cement.  Bone cement used to fills the free space between prosthesis and the bone and plays the important role of an elastic zone. This is important because the human hip is acted on by approximately 10-12 times the body weight and therefore the bone cement must absorb the forces acting on the hips to ensure that the artificial implant remains in place over the long term.

Bones which we used for making different products came from horses, cattle, sheep and pigs etc. We used bones of birds for making musical pipes. Antler was sourced from red deer, or in more Northerly latitudes from the Elk, or Reindeer. These bones were taken from animals killed by hunting or collected after the deer had shed their antlers naturally in February and late March. These bones are used in making different products which sells in the market and purchased by the people to decorate their house.

The most useful type of bone which we don t get easily is whalebone. People get these bones after hunting ocean whale fish. There are many bone item are cheap  and also many bone item are costly depending on the cost of bones of animals ,birds and fishes. In the market all the products which made by the teeth of elephants are too costly. There are many products are also available in the market which made by elephants teeth and looks so pretty.

The tool which is used by bone worker is very similar to the tools used by the carpenter, but bone workers also have a fine saw for cutting the bones. For making a comb the craftsman first cut off the tines and then burr leaving beam. Bone crafts are so popular in present time, because of their different size, shapes, colors and qualities. There are huge competitions in the market for selling best crafts made by bones. These bones are collected by hunting of animals, birds, fishes and so on; hence government of India banned this type of hunting. For this Government has already makes some punishments rules for avoiding such hunting.

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