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Copper is a best medium in which electric signals flow very fast

Copper control cable is one of the main wires of the most demanded wires. These wires are in use when the use of wires was developing. Copper is the material which is using in the most of the wires .In each and every type of wires the core thing or can say ingredient is conductor. This conductor is made of copper and used in most of the wires. Copper is the best conductor of electricity means this is a best medium in which electric signals flow very fast and provides high speed electricity.

This wiring also using new technologies to make new improvements in this field .Now these wires used different and new kind of materials in the insulation of the wires .For example low smoke wires ,Zero halogen wires , fire retardant wires ,flexible wires ,fire alarm wires .These all wires used different kind of materials for the insulation purpose. These wires perform best performance on the user perspective and manufacturing process. These wires are very durable wires .These are first wires which are using from the mid seventies .The used raw Materials in the manufacturing of these wires takes important place in the good quality of wires.


Before using the raw material in the manufacturing of copper control cable has refined so many times .The used material in the manufacturing of these wires must be certified .This process helps to protect the signal transmission in the conditions like moisture, weather change and from other electromagnetic interruptions.  In the market, there is a excessive range is available with in different quality and different cost prices .Engineers involvement in the production of these wires gives it wide and wonderful dimension .The engineers use advanced technologies and testing procedures in the manufacturing of these wires .With these new and advance technologies and involvement of the engineers, suppliers are able to make the customer satisfied.

Companies offering best quality wires at the reasonable prices with good performance of products .Several tests have done before supply the wires at the manufacturing end.



Advantages of Copper Control Cable



  • These wires contain higest voltage rating compared to other wires. It is 1.4 times better than the simple insulated wires.
  • The behavior of these wires is thermosetting.
  • These wires have more than ninety percent resistance power.
  • These wires lose les di electric current.
  • These kinds of wires provide better and long life.
  • It provides best chemical resistance power.
  • These wires can work on higher temperature approximately eighty degrees centigrade.
  • These wires provide easy installation.
  • These are very much flexible wires.
  • The joining and ending points of these wires are very much comfortable.

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