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Consider these points to avoid mistakes in Job Interview

 1. What is an interview?

Is a kind of talk among two or more person commonly among the interviewee and interviewer, in which some question are asked by the interviewer to obtain some relevant information about interviewee. In the present it is the most valuable process of hiring for job. The chief intention of a job interview is to check the potential of the candidate who come for interview.  A proper interview decides that the candidate is able for the current job or not. Frequently job interview contains many steps of interview and this may vary from company to company. Interview is the most prominent part and is the final step of hiring process. It provides a chance for both employer and employee to meet with each another and transfer information so as to come to a conclusion about hiring.

2. What are the common types of interview?

There are mainly two types of interview:

Interview for assessment: This type of interview is conducted to check the potential of candidate by the interviewer for a particular job. This process concludes that the candidate is suitable for the relevant job or not.

Interview for information: This type of interview is done to gather some information about a particular subject. This is done to celebrities, spark of the corporate, industrialists, inspirational idols and etc. Hence, to gain some knowledge, this will be adoptable to the society.

Also there are some other kinds of interview may contain telephonic interview, behavioral interview, panel job interview, structured interview and stress interview.

3. What are the chief mistakes in job interview?

Here are some common mistakes done by candidate in job interview as:

  • Defectively dressing is the most ordinary mistakes done by the candidate while going for the interview. Your dressing sense will reflect that what kind of a person you are. So, it is very valuable to dress up in a formal wear while going for an interview.
  • Going for an interview without doing proper research about the company.
  • Switching on mobiles at the time of interview.
  • Going too early or too late for the interview:
  • Not carrying enough copies of resume, ID proof and educational certificates.
  • criticize past employers.
  • Giving extraneous or wrong answers without listening properly:
  • Poor communication skills:
  • When the interviewer asks what you are expecting from the company? Some people do a mistake of asking about the salary, time off and benefits etc. This is not a correct way, as the interviewer may think that you are more attracted on salary than work. This is one of the ways to lose a job interview.
  • Do not misprize to thank the interviewer for the opportunity, which he/she gave to him/her: Many of them vacillate or misprize to thank the interviewer after retouching the interview. It is very valuable to thank the interviewer as it will show your gratitude and also your positive attitude.


About the Author

Nitish Singh

 This is a common interview question asked by the interviewer to candidate. So you should well prepare for a short description about yourself. Briefly explain your academics and your marks if you acquire good marks otherwise ignore it. Explain in short about your family background and your hobbies. In the last describe about your strengths and weaknesses and goals and achievements