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Consequence of Special cables in Industrial application

Telephone cables also ADSL wires can absolutely be abhorrent and worrisome to look and also it is one easy for people so they can try it to organize telephone wiring pleasantly.  constructing use of a fast band  that are eagerly attainable in any adjacent communications supply shop or in the internet,  people may fasten those wires and cables together and affix it in the wall, probably on the lower border or the upper border based on requirements of the people.


A tone and probe set is mainly adopted by telephone cable engineers who need to analyze a particular pair of telephone wires. For example, some installers favor  to run all of the wires for a network to the central punch down segments without classifying them and then to adopt  this apparatus to analyze which segment  is attached to which wall plate and then label the punch down block accordingly. Telephone wires are mostly used in communication industries to deliver best kind of telephone communication all around the world. An Ethernet cable visualizes as a larger version of a telephone cable, but it is able to transmit much more counsel at very high speeds conceding people to get the most out of their Internet service and their apparatus.


Various altered kinds of links are usually adopted during the procurement of huge telephone network. Some common type of telephone cables are fiber optic links, UTP links, STP links and coaxial cable which is imitate during the manufacturing of telephone network. We are the foremost manufacturer and distributor of telephone cables in Delhi, India.

With commerce industries similar to construction, transport and communications mounting at a rapid speed, each and every part that contributes to these sectors is critical and that goes for industrial control cables as well. Each and every component of instruments used in these fields want to be a hundred percent precise and of excellent quality. It will make sure that there is rejection of errors when it comes to machines that might become a significant part of day to day life.

There are some wires which are used as special wires as:

·         Fiber Teflon Glass wire

·         Silicone Rubber wire

·          Air Field wire

·          Asbestos Braided wires

·          Auto lines

·          Battery wires



This is a well known fact that Special Cable and electrical control wire are used in approximately all application that is concerned with electricity. There are various types of control cables and these sorts of cables are also known as special cables. Each one of them is designed with a specific purpose of inter linked separate equipments and to manage and regulate signals when used for these function. Some of the special cables  present with invigorated round steel wires or invigorated flat steel segment that construct them collateral sufficient for the hardest relevance. Our company is the best manufacturer and supplier of reputed affection of Special cables.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.