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Communication runs only by good quality networking cables

We can say due to Networking cable  wired technology is success, still  many computer networks at this time continue to use wires as a physical medium for devices to travel data from one place to another place. There are so many types of wires exist, each designed for different different work.

Everyone who wants to connect to the Internet world through a broadband connection have to use connectivity medium to do this. Due to the usefulness of it, we use Ethernet lines  to connect computer network interface card to our modem, or home router with each other.  It is said that

As body is functioning due to fresh blood, Communication runs only by good quality networking cables

 All Ethernet cabling are different in every thing. Networking wires are categorized accordingly to used material, use of particular cable, quality etc.

Cat 3 is used for voice calling.

Cat 5 used for voice and Ethernet.                                                                

Cat 5E helps to prevent crosstalk.

 Cat 6 this is with larger gang virus but still better than others upper defined lines.

 Cat 7 it is fully shielded wire.

Most of the companies those use networking cables would like to go with cat 5 E cables. These cables are divided in this manufacturing category also

Coaxial wire

 This is the line that connects TV to antennas at our home. Coaxial cable invented name was Coax.  There are two kinds of coax cable - thinnet and thicknet.. These cables consist of an inner copper wire surrounded by insulation and then shielding. Its stiffness becomes cause for network administrators difficulty in installing and maintaining its quality of thinnet and thicknet.

Twisted Pair wire

This type of wire consists up to 8 wires wound together in pairs to minimize electromagnetic interference.

In industry there are two main types of twisted pair wire are defined – first one is shielded Twisted Pair and other one is Unshielded Twisted Pair. Modern Ethernet or use unshielded twisted pair wiring, because its cost is low, while shielded pair wiring can be found as FDDI types of networks.

Fiber Optics

fiber optics work using strands of glass and pulses of light, it does not work with electrical signals. These type of cables used in wide area network installations where long distance underground or outdoor lines run are required and also in office buildings where a high volume of signals traffic is common. Fiber optics data transmission industry standards are already defined – single-mode and multimode.

 As body is functioning due to fresh blood, Communication runs only by good quality networking cables

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