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Coaxial Cable: use to transmit digital signals

Coaxial cables are one of the most popular cables and mainly used for computer networks and televisions. This is the primary type of cabling used by computer network industries for Ethernet. These cables are widely used in different industries such as: Business corporations, telephone industries and many more to provide local area networks for data communication.

Coaxial cables are invented in AT&T labs in 1929 and commercially used in 1941.These cables established their first cross coaxial  transmission system in 1940. They are available with double insulation layer the inner conductor is insulated with tubular insulating layer and outer layer is made up of plastic sheath. These cables are very flexible as they are incorporated with copper wire which increase their durability and protect them from electromagnetic interferences and loss.


When it comes to digital equipments, people generally think of optical cables and coaxial cables as they are popular because of their superior performance. These cables are basically used for different types of electronic equipments we generally use at our homes such as: home theaters, DVD players, television and many more. The two most common types of cables which are used in various different applications are 50ohms and 75 ohms. These cables are used to transmit different type of signals.

75 ohms cables are used for video signals where as 50 ohms cables are used to carry audio signals for radio transmission.

Working of these cables:

Like other cables these cables are also used to transmit signals for data communication. They contain a copper wire which is covered with dielectric insulator to remove electromagnetic interferences and then again it is coated with metallic shield to carry signals, lastly they are covered with plastic jacket which is used to provide them durability.

They are generally used for audio and video signal transmission. The RF coaxial cable is used for both audio as well as video signals where as digital coaxial cable is used only for digital audio transmission. 

Benefits of using digital coaxial cables:

These cables are widely used because of their superior quality. They provide high quality signals in comparison with other cables and provide various benefits such as: versatility, capacity, frequency range and protection range.


Versatility: These cables are used to provide various functions to different devices like DVD, TV, home theater and radios.

Capacity: there capacity is an important issue as they are required for transmitting different type of signals with different bandwidth.               

Frequency range: they provide benefit of transferring data to different frequencies at the same time.

Protection: coaxial cables are protected as they are available with copper wire to provide them flexibility and help them to reduce electromagnetic interferences and loss.


Conclusion: coaxial cables are widely used in different types of industries for data transmission on different bandwidth. These cables are used to carry audio and video signals for different electronic Medias. 

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