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Chief Fire resistant cable suppliers and manufacturer in Delhi

Fire resistant cable suppliers and manufacturers must have exact idea of the requirement for different types of each wire and related others important requirements for wire manufacturing. Companies should follow the standards to establish, production and to supply the wires. Manufactures of these wires should use latest technologies to give the shape, designing, measurement for being used quantity of material and probability of explosion in wires etc

The all over mechanism works automatically and there should be minimum manual involvement. These things surly helpful to prevent explosion in wires .Wire manufacturers should try to know in advance the requirement for such wires and devices with their capability of normal growth and development. This data help in manufacturing higher quality wires at low cost and less explosion probability. Protection methods for hazardous conditions are to be considered for the companies those manufacturing and producing wires from a long time. Things like inflammable goods, chemicals, LPG, should be avoid keeping openly at closed places like kitchen, hospitals, plants etc.

At these places explosion protected equipments become very necessary.  Sometimes hot places, sparks in welding, electric discharges from wires become the reason of   accidents so people should deal with it very carefully. This is equally important for the wires which are used for producing industries that have large area for wiring and doubts about security and safety of equipments and human resources.

Government of India has made some protocols for the production and supply of these wires. This protocol guide focuses to provide safe and secures transportation and manufacturing of these wires. After this it focuses on the safety and secure working environment for the employees as well as for owner of the company. The next protocol tells about the durability and reliability of these wires. Further next one describes installments methods, quality of material using in the manufacturing the wires, used procedures for manufacturing and supply. We are the chief fire resistant cable suppliers and constructer in Delhi.

4 core round cables have manufactured by multilayer architecture .As the wire name implies that these are four core wires, it consists of four conductors .These are copper material conductors. These all four conductors has insulated with PVC insulation .four conductors are insulated with different color insulation materials.

These colors are respectively red, yellow, green, and blue .The gap among these wires fill up with round shaped filler .After this, it shielded with double layer insulation .First one is black insulation and other one is in grey color .These wires are specially designed for heavy and large applications.

Application of 4 core round cables includes:

  • These cables are specially designed for heavy and large applications.
  • These wires follow multilayer architecture
  • This multilayer architecture provides resistance power to acidic fluids, chemicals, water, grease and oils.
  • These wires mostly use for power supply to submersible pumps.
  • These wires are specially use for installation for motors in deep wells.

Our organization also deals with 4 core round cable in Delhi, India.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.