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Cables manufacturers provide a wide assortment of high quality

Cables manufacturers provide a wide assortment of high quality welding cables that is in high demand due to special features like heat resistant, oil resistant and fire retardant property. These wires are very light weighted and contain heavy insulation layers. Additionally these heavy cables are technically very superb with long lasting guaranteed life. These types of cables can work easily at high temperature and save approx half of the manufacturing cost. Different types of these cables are available in the market for different purpose. For an example general Purpose Cable, HOFR Industrial Based Welding Cable, PVC / TPR based Copper Conductor HOFR Welding Cable (Super Flexible), Customized Welding Cable etc. These wires are available in two different insulations which are: Double Insulated and Single Insulated. The double insulated wires are available in orange color where as single insulated wires are available in black colors. These cables are designed and manufacture at customized Requirement for bulk quantity. It used Copper Conductor and Aluminium Conductor as a central conductor.

EPR cables refer to ethylene-propylene rubber insulation  are designed for heavy duty use. These wires provide high quality cur, tear and abrasion resistant power. Apart from this it delivers exceptional long term performance and super resistant to oils, chemicals, ozone and other liquid solvents. These wires are specially manufactured for excellent impact resistant and weather resistant capacity. It performs and looks like Vulcanize Rubber. These cables are used in many applications like Steel Mills 3 core/4 core submersible flat cables EOT Cranes, Airport Lighting, Ships Nuclear and Thermal Power Stations, Wind Power Mills, Electrical Machines Textile Machines, Construction Equipments, Turbines and so on


Cables control is used to increase the smoothness and efficiency of the cables. These cables are required in various industries as they are popular because of their flexible instrumentation. They are used to transmit accurate signals at high as well as low bandwidth as they are incorporated with PVC insulation to protect them from electromagnetic interferences and crosstalk. They are mainly used in telecommunication and television industries for accurate signal transmission. These cables are multicore cables which are incorporated with copper conductors and galvanized with steel wire braids. Cable controls are categorized in different categories such CY, YY and SY.

These cables are also used for automation industries. The SY control cables are one of the widely used cables as their installation is required in various industries such as: building and construction, distribution of power networks, rail and transport industries, assembly and production lines, machine too manufacture mobile equipments, conveyers in computer units and many more. The S in SY cable stands for steel wire Y for PVC insulation which is authorized from European committee for electrical standardization. They are use to provide protection from electromagnetic influences and fluctuations cause through the load on current transmission.4 core round cable and 5 core round cable are the parts of submersible cables.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.