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Cable shielding leads for the better current flow

Wires shielding succeed in persuading for current and electricity in the cables. Material used for single core cables is of dielectric grade and PVC compound. The circulation in current increases heating capacity of wire and help to reduce the load capacity.

In these wires individual piece of wire like aluminium and copper is used for the purpose of insulation. In these wires some bonding methods are used such that solidly bonded system, specially bonded system, individual point system, cross bonding system and split single point system etc. These wires are generally used for high ambient wiring panels and high temperatures.


The shielding of these wires is of two types:-


  • Copper / aluminium shielding
  • Copper tape


 The wire shielding is very beneficial for the better current flow or electricity transmission. In the screening of the wires good material should used because it proportional to the electricity current speed. Shielding of wires induces the electric current in lines. There is lots of purpose of wire shielding. The main reason is to control the field stress of electricity in the insulation, next one is to provide return path for the fault current and neutral wires. This wire shielding is useful for electromagnetic radiation but with the condition of wires earthing at the two ends. In the favor of safety, it reduces danger high voltage with earth potential. Actually it is very important or the safety purpose. Further screening provides fault return path and helps to minimize the electric impedance as well as provides neutral point for circuits.


There is some single core cable system for solidly bonding methods. Wire screening is proportional to the circulating current in the shielding, current and wire length. With this, these wires are de-rates wires and allowed for trefoil formation. These wires are most economical and heat resistance wires. These wires minimize the earth current and electromagnetic radiation. The main problem with these wires is that it does not provide way for the current circulation and this circulating current is always proportional to the cable length and magnitude load current. Normally we can use the ten meters shortest length of wires for the transfer of voltage in between the two sites.


Between the shielding and the core part of the wire, there is an electromagnetic coupling. This coupling depends on some conditions. Single point bonded wire screening doesn’t require electricity continuity.  The current which is circulating form screen produced a magnetic field.


Screening is very necessary for the wires to resist increased current and high voltage. For this single core cables are laid in complex and symmetry position .This helps to inspiring voltage to minimize itself in the shielding.

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