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What leads businesses to act so greatly to get noticed? Competition is intense and it is growing everyday. More and more people are getting bitten by the entrepreneur bug. At the same time, consumers are becoming more savvy and value-conscious. Put those two things together, and business owners often have only a very narrow path on which they can be successful. There is always a need to reach out to more numbers of people and extend the consumer support. However, having intense competition, it takes a lot to preserve the customers that one already has. In an age where the success of any company is reviewed by its quarterly results and the value it creates for its shareholders, there is a constant pressure on the bottom line. Therefore, no business can afford to be out of the public view, as there would be many others who would be happier to take that place.


But before a company can actually market itself, they need to attract attention, so as to get noticed in the market. But how would that be possible if you are amongst a crowd of similar companies offering similar services at similar rates? The key here would be to stand out from the crowd. Here comes the innovative part wherein your prospective clients or customers will actually notice you, and only after this will they consider doing business with you. The ways to get noticed would include doing something out of the ordinary, or something different from what others are doing. Things like being selfless being in craze with the trends, being useful, transparent and simple certainly help. We need to identify how we can be different, and this would vary from person to person, and business to business. The key here is to retain individuality.


Apart from these, using strategy like being politically incorrect, funny and even disgraceful can also help to gain attention. However, care should be taken to not go overboard. These kinds of stunts do help, and have in fact been used by companies. But the sentiments of the people need to be taken care of. For example, in 2005, Sony had graffiti artists design and spray-paints logos and pictures of their PlayStation at several locations in New York City. But this did not go down well with many citizens, who did not like the ads, or saw it as an attempt to get cheap labor from teenagers. An online appeal was started so as to stop, and thus it did not turn out the way the officials at Sony had planned it to be.


Consequently, the solution to get observed is being constantly interesting and making it meaningful for someone to spend his or her time listening to you. Last but not the least one should not simply try to sell, but try to connect with people emotions and sense of curiosity. Therefore, faithfulness is a very vital factor about being noticed.

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parveen kumar

What leads businesses to act so greatly to get noticed? Competition is intense and it is growing everyday.