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Best conductors of electricity


Copper control wires are one of the best electricity conductors in which current or electricity transmits easily. In today s time there are so many electrical conductors has been introduced but still most used material is copper. Its main is that it has all gold metal properties but then also cost is very low. In early day’s silver, copper etc electricity conductors were used.


So copper is a best conductor of electricity. It is used for electricity transmission, electricity distribution at high to low level.

Unalloyed copper is the purest copper that is why it always in demand and manufacture and supplies at high level. . Due to its usefulness and conductivity, this is almost used product in the market among the wires. This metal is electrical and thermal conductive, so it is most matched and suitable product for making cables.

This is one of the most numbered metals that finds in real form without any impurity’s many materials which contains a little percentage of copper also.

To produces virtually copper rod casting and rolling process is required. Benefits of continuous casting is very beneficial include less purities and copper oxide reduction on the surface. These Copper control wires rod made by a process which name is batch process. This process includes converting copper into wire bars. Copper wire is one of the most demanded metals. It is used for so many semi conductors and electronic applications. We can made smallest diameter lines from this metal.

Copper control wires are used for so many purposes in electrical and plants. Products range in copper wire pattern include bare copper wire


  • Bunched copper wire
  • Copper braided wire
  • Copper wire



To provide more strengths and durability we coat the lines with tin. It increases conductivity of these cables ISI m

These cables can be coated by two methods:


  • Hot dipping
  • Electroplating


In, hot dipping these cables have to dip in the melted tin and in electroplating we give electrical charge to tin the copper. 

These kinds of cables increase conductivity and reduce water corrosion problem.  Copper control wires are ten times lengthy from non- tinned cables. . This coating tin became more durable due to tin strength. Because of these important and useful qualities it is using in so many boating and marine projects. It is used in power systems and heavy transit systems. If we compare in cost both of the lines, obviously tinned cable will be more expensive due to its coating process charge.

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