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batch asphalt mix plant LB series

batch asphalt mix plant LB series


Dayu LB series asphalt batch mix plant mainly including burning system,drying drum,dust collecting system,mixing system,bitumen supply system,accurate measuring system,electric control system,asphalt storage system.
For the asphalt storage system: integrated storage bins and separated storage bins types.
For the dust collenting system: water dust and bag dust types.
For the burning system: oil burner,gas burner and coal burner types.
Output: 40-320 TPH.

website:www.chinaasphaltplants.com zhengzhou dayu machinery Product Scope: drum mix plants(www.chinaasphaltplants.com/Asphalt-Batch-Mix-Plant-LB/LB500-asphalt-batching-plant.html),mobile asphalt plant(www.chinaasphaltplants.com/knowledge.html),concrete mixing plant(www.dayu-concrete.com/about-us.html) and other road construction equipment.

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