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Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable moisture proof wires

Asbestos insulated fire proof cable is a special type of fire retardant wires category .These wires are insulated with a special kind material known as asbestos .This material is really having the amazing quality of fire resistance property .This materiel is find out in the deep mine and the in between of rocks ,veins and stones .This material is used in the various type of applications like clothes , theatre curtains, lamps, wires ,clothes, etc .These wires are consist of higher voltage properties  and thermal resistance power.


The history of these wires is very ancient. The popularity and increased demand of these wires is totally depends on the material quality of “asbestos”. It was invented in the 2510 B.C. in the Finland .Commercially it came in use in the 1900 century .In early days in was used in the pots, vessels for cooking the food, king’s dress which were specially used at the time of king’s fights.

People were mixed this material in the clay or mud to create vessels which helps to cook the food .This material were used to provide fire resistance and flame, heat resistance power to the vessels .It has been used in the woven clothes and fire proof jackets and apparels.


Now a days the way of use this material has very much changed .Now it is used for manufacturing  Asbestos insulated fire proof cables , curtains of movie theatres and play theatres, fire proof jackets for fire safe teams ,electric devices ,parachutes ,wiring insulation , clothes ,non stick vessels ,bearings ,motors, transformers and at much more places. According to the facts and 1998 survey 2.10 million ton per year (2.10 million ton/year) mining operations have done in a year .Obviously this is not a good counting for our environments safety perspective that’s why most of the countries has banns these kinds of mining operations. Apart from this material there are so many other material mining also banes such as silicon ,zinc and coal and so on .Really it become very necessary to stop these kind of activities that destroys  the balance of environmental activities.             


Applications of these kinds of wires



These wires are used at the congested places and the high population areas like hospitals, high floor buildings, constructions, bearings .Apart from it is used in the fire proof woven clothes, curtains, and vessels.


. This material is present in the form of ore .It must be separated without any breakage or fracture in the fiber of these wires .It is a fact from the ore of this material it can be achieved in very less quantity about to nine or ten percent



These wires are fire proof as well as moisture proof too. it also provide thermal resistance power.


Asbestos insulated fire proof cables are very much flexible and available at reasonable prices in the market.

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